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Build a pc or buy the series x

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Long time no see, its been a while and hi to everyone here.  This is a long question as im trying to explain myself and comes down to i want a pc for one 14yo game and it cost more for that pc than a xbox series x.


The short of it is i never got my pc up and running bc i bought a 1x around that time and the one x fulfilled most of my gaming desires and now that i want to get back to my pc the new series x is on the way and almost assuradly for a lot cheaper than a pc.  So what do i do now.  I still really want to play midevil total war 2 as i have never got to play it because my pc refuses to run it with its a6 3600 apu and rx560 gpu with 12gb of 1333 ram.  Not great i know but it played empire at war just fine with settings pretty high.  With the other issues that came with a ssd for my os i abandoned the pc and it sets bc it wont play the game i wanted to play for over a decade and to be useful i have to reinstall the os back onto the hdd bc the ssd while functional shuts the os down without sending a poweroff signal to the MB.


So over the last week ive been debating with myself and some friends over the new series x or a pc bc if i get a series x then the only thing i need a pc for is some more than decade old rts games.  I could build a pc for just those but that pc would lilely cost more than the series x and i have a case, 650w ps and the rx560 gpu already.  Just a board ram and cpu that can run tw2 okay is outrageous considering the game is 14 years old.  So im stuck again, a pc cant replace my console because my console is also my 4k player and brings my tv and home audio to life with rich well synced audio and hdr 4k video (something that doesnt look to cheap to get from a pc).


My delima is of my own making i know.  I love the quality and ease of use that a console offers and xbox is also a great home entertainment system for movies and music at such a low price that i cant get a pc to compare with everything that i use my xbox for.  But games like the sims and rts games are ultimatly better on pc.


So price depending for the series x im wondering if anyone else is in a similar pickle of decision.  I want both but only want to pay for one because the difference in price is larger than what can be quantified by my regular uses.


If i could for under 200 usd get a pc today that could play midevil total war 2 with ease and no tearing jumping or laging i would love to go for it.  but from what i read tw2 requires more processor than i have or can get for cheap bc it entails overhauling not updating my pc over a game thats 14 years old.  I guess im just bitter that i never got to play my game (that my pc met the requirments on the box for) and now that i almost want to i cant justify building a pc when the xbox is a clear overacheiver at the price for all that it does more than just games.

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