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Audio Crackling and disconnections on Modern Warfare.

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SO, here is the deal, I have a Corsair Virtuoso SE headset. They work like charm, in all 100+ games, but they crackle in the new COD Modern Warfare. When I play the game, the audio starts to crackle and after a while even my mouse and keyboard disconnects. The disconnection only happens after the audio begins to crackle. Any ideas how to solve it. Btw from what I have notice, it only happens during wireless mode, but I could be wrong. Any more info, please let me know.

my pc

i7 6700k OC 4.4ghz

RTX 2080

Asus Z 170A mobo

Evga 850 Gold+

1tb Rocket NVME M.2 SSD

500gb Samsung SSD


Coolermaster hyper 212

16gb Vengance Ram


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This will sound odd, but either the game has memory leak (so you get temporary crash -> USB issues). Increasing pagefile might help on this. Or its GPU driver related. In which case only option is to run beta or older drivers and try to find working combination.


This game seems to be causing issues left and right. Kinda reminds me of what Battlefield 4 was while beta and initial release was going on. It was also constant tweaking with drivers and memory leaks.

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