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Ioakim Chor.

Choosing my VPN

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hello everybody

First time posting to the ltt forum so sorry if i do something wrong :D.


Im trying to figure out what VPN i should subscribe.

My priorities in order are :

1. Safety

2. Price

3. Speed


So far my options are :

Hotspot Shield

Price 7,99$/month (one year)

Speed : 50% slower than base speed*

Safety : Never heard them before until i started researching for VPN


Price 3,99$/month (one year)

Speed : 70% slower than base speed*

Safety : A bit afraid given the recent events on LTT


Price 8,32$/month (one year)

Speed :75% slower than base speed*

Safety No Clue


Price 6.74$/month (one year)

Speed :80% slower than base speed*

Safety No Clue


* Speed is based on an article from speedtest.net and i donty have actual results 

Any thoughts ?


Thanks a lot

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I can't really speak for any of the VPN you've presented, but I've been using TorGuard for a while now, and it's been quite secure so far. Torrenting is allowed on all the servers and the download speed is practically identical to my speed without VPN on a 100Mbps connection.

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