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Need to build 2 PCs Gaming/Streaming

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Hello, my name is Nate, I need to build a gaming pc and a streaming pc. I have about $3000-$4000 to spend on the computers for the studio. I would like the streaming pc to be strong enough to handle a Magewell Pro 4 hdmi capture card (or something equally capable). The streaming Pc will also need to be able to run several monitors... I’m not sure if that is important. I would like both computers to be encoding with Nvenc and I would prefer they both have Ryzen processors. I have started a couple builds at Ibuypower, but honestly I’m not even sure that’s the best place to get a pc built. I would appreciate an help with parts choices or building site locations. 




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You'd save some and get better quality component by building it yourself.  


Why two systems?  I'm can only assume the gaming computer feeds video and audio to the streaming PC.  Is that correct?  Wouldn't it be cheaper to just get a 3900X or 3950X and stream and game on the same computer?  Perhaps you need two computers for two people?  

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The reality is that in the current hardware market, there is no need for a second streaming PC. 

This build constitutes something of an elite system for gaming/streaming at 4,000 budget. 

With some intelligent cuts, here is a system that will still be well over-equipped to the task:


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