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Issues installing Ubuntu Server 19.04 onto a Q6600 system

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I recently got my hands on an old desktop with an intel Q6600 (LGA775 socket, still has a North Bridge) that runs W7Ultimate and am now trying to get Ubuntu Server 19.04 installed onto it.

Anyway, when I select the USB stick from the boot menu, it shows a purple ubuntu screen but then goes to a black screen and says:



My only previous experiece booting Ubuntu was running the desktop version off a usb stick on laptops, and that worked flawlessly, so I really have no idea what I have to do to try and debug it. 

Some googling resulted in me trying to disable ACPI (link) using (link), but holding shift during the boot-up does nothing, and it goes to the same black error screen you see above.
I've also tried disabling ACPI2.0 support in BIOS but that netted no changes. 

My hardware:
mobo - Asus P5Q-VM
cpu - Intel Q6600 Core 2 Quad

ram - 2x DDR2 2GB of some corsair xms2
disk - SanDisk 120gb SSD


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