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Final PC Upgrade List

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hey LTT Commumity, 

After a lot of decision making for my first PC Upgrade, I have finally came to a conclusion. If any of you don’t mind checking out the parts list in pcpartpicker.com, it would be very much appreciated. My intention for this upgrade is to get better stream quality graphics wise. That is why  my core upgraded component is the 1660. I also wanted to downsize my PC size for more desk room. If any of you recommend going to MATX or even ATX, please tell me. If there is anything else about the PC you think I need to upgrade, please tell me too, I have been debating between the 1660vs1660ti. Thanks!


(any part that’s already purchased is an old part, any part with price value is what I’m upgrading)



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DO NOT GET THAT CASE! Its way too overpriced. For your components it would seem stupid to go for one of the best cases made for very expensive builds.

Graphics card: Get a cheaper case and get a 1660 Ti. Believe me. It'll be worth it. Also get a Gigabyte card. They're cheaper than MSI or Asus cards but feature the same performance. Sometimes even better.


Motherboard. A very expensive motherboard for the size. Get a MSI board. They have great build quality and a lot of features as well as suppost to be great looking BIOS. Because you need a low profile PC get a small motherbaord like ITX or MATX. Also the case should be a lot smaller if you dont ahve any RGB.

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Also get a Semi-Modular or Normal power supply with less power. You wont be needing 620W for 1660. That is meant for PC that have RTX 2070s or GTX 1070s.


If you wont be upgrading to 2nd Gen Ryzen then get a first gen Ryzen Motherboard.

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