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OAK Build (One of A Kind)

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Posted · Original PosterOP

So here’s the skinny.

Lian Li Tu-100

  • 6700k
  • 270 Gaming 5 itx 
  • H60 AIO
  • RX580 V1 (shortbus version)
  • Custom loop with fuel line from Lowe’s 
  • Swiftech Micro Rez 2
  • Noctua 120x15mm x2
  • Silverstone 450 sff psu
  • Gskill 32gb (2x16gb)
  • 1 very janky cable from China that converts m.2 to pcie x1 with power from 4 pin molex for the WiFi and Bluetooth card
  • fenvi t919 (hackintosh special)

i built this little guy to see what all I could cram into this handled case.


Lian Li hit a real homer in with this design.

I see people singing it’s praises nowadays but a couple years ago TU-100 was a bit of a black sheep.


Theres more then a few people who found it necessary to Frankenstein this case for the sake of air flow. 


All I did was punch a whole in the bottom with circle saw and remove the front end internal scaffolding.


Hope y’all like it










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