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ISO: Bluetooth in ear headphone recommendation...or a decent USB Type C adapter!

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I am forced now by the industry to go bluetooth (audiophile in me shudders)...I have bought 3 USB Type C adapters but they keep failing me even after a few weeks!


I bought the Sennheiser Momentum Free. They are nice and all but my ears are sensitive to highs but there is a bit too much sibilance with these also the highs are bit too crispy and shiny. Can anyone else recommend a pair of headphones which has good thick bass and the highs are bit supressed? I would try to equalise these down but can't find an Android app which will do this for basically all types of media playback on the phone like jetaudio+, youtube etc.


My budget is fairly flexible but looking around £100 or $150. I usually buy second hand off eBay which lets me jump into the next price bracket.


Thanks for any help.

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