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Is my cpu fried?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

So I have/had? a core 2 quad q6700

A Gtx 470 

8 Gb of ddr2 


On random YouTube vid while listening to music my pc froze.... I thought cool let's restart it but it never booted again.... Before getting to post it shuts off and restarts. I began the troubleshooting process striped off to the bare minimum. Gpu, ram , and hard drives where all fine since it kept having the problem after me disconnecting them. While I only had the CPU connected I though maybe I could try talking it off the ATX 8-pin and just try to power up the mobo to get the speaker beeping and what do you know it worked! So once I give power to the CPU the pc can't post it gets stuck on restart loops. I tried with a second PSU to make sure it wasn't the problem and sure enough nothing got fixed. So does that mean that the CPU is gone for no reason? Is this even possible? The thermal paste was just fine, the pins not bent, was not under real stress... And never run more than 50c...

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Posted · Original PosterOP
4 minutes ago, SGTPinecone said:

Its very possible, your MOBO might be shorting out too. Does anything show up on your monitor when you power on?



Nothing at all when the he CPU is connected it doesn't get the time to post cause it power's down as soon as you power up... Like 2-3secs and boom off to a restart

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