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GPU usage on dual monitors 60Hz and 144Hz

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hi all,


I have searched everywhere and can't seem to find anything specific to this issue so any help would be appreciated.


I am in the process of setting up a 2nd monitor (in my garage) for my PC (in my living room) to allow me to use my main PC for a cycling programme (Zwift) using a turbo trainer.


I have tested the setup and my GPU runs up to 99% usage depending on how many people are in shot on Zwift.


Current main PC spec:


EVGA 1060 6GB mini

16gb ram (2 x 8gb)


My monitor in the garage is 60hz and my main monitor at my pc is 144hz.

Whilst running afterburner/rivatuner it displays on my 60hz monitor that I am putting out the 144 fps that I have capped for my main monitor. It clearly won't be showing the 144hz on my 60hz monitor, but is my gpu throwing out 144fps for both monitors and is there any way to divide this so it only puts out 60 to my 60hz and 144 to my main 144hz ,monitor? This will hopefully prevent the GPU from maxing out whilst using zwift, lower temps and could more likely allow for the PC to be used at 144hz by someone else whilst I'm zwifting on the 2nd monitor.


Temps aren't too bad currently but I'm looking to put the whole setup in a smaller sff PC so could be vital to keep it as low as possible


Thanks all


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Go into nvidia control panel and make sure the 60hz monitor or well 2nd one is set to 60hz. If so your fine.

My Rig: CPU: i9-9900k (5Ghz), Ram: 32gigs 3600mhz DDR4, MOBO: Gigabyte Aorus z390 Ultra, HDD: Samsung 970 Evo 500gig, Samsung 850 evo 250 gig, 2 TB Baracuda 7200 rpm,6tb WD Black 7200rpm, 4TB NAS, GPU: 1080Ti Fe, ek water block cpu and gpu custom loop.


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