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NZXT S340 rumbling

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Not sure if this belongs here or in air cooling, but here goes.

My s340 has a low rumbling noise whenever it's on. It's not the fan, because whenever I push down on the top of the case, the sound foes away. This lead me to believe that it's the top fan causing the top metal of the case to vibrate. I bought rubber fan dampeners to put between the fan and the case, and while it helped, the rumbling is still there.

Does anyone else have this issue or know of a better way to solve it?

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Power supply? Hard drive? Another case fan? Lower fan rpm? I'm not quite sure if pushing down on your case would solely indicate a top mounted fan. Your hand could simply be absorbing/muffling the vibrations from whatever component that is being transferred to your case.

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Man I have the same issue with the S340 Elite for some weeks now.

It's also the top fan. But the rumbling is mostly at start up or sometimes for some seconds in between the usage.

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