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  1. There are a few things getting bigger, which one are you referring to?
  2. Animetake...etc. all went down. Stop whining and go download at horrible subs.
  3. That's the point.Tell that to the other guy.
  4. Shit is when Nvidia held out to the next year to release Gtx 960 yet didn't offer any more than expected better tdp. Unlike GTX 970 which made AMD drop price significantly; 960 did almost nothing to similar-range cards due to its uninteresting performance. At least 2GB means 2GB, right? Sensationalist ~40W: http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/amd-radeon-r9-285-tonga,3925-11.html Not sure where you get the 10W from.
  5. That's not what happened.Pirated windows will remain pirated windows; it just means pirated windows can be updated to Windows 10.
  6. That's like boku no pico. Arise isn't quite up to par. They changed the look, which was a terrible decision.
  7. I think you just need to type: "Big f**king steel plate makes for good blunt instrument for killing." The tactile feels is something Cherry MX can't do; except maybe Green...which I heard comes close. Only downside is that it's not as great for gaming if you want to hold down a certain button combination(for example, w+shift+2 for switching to sidearm while sprinting in fps won't register the 2).
  8. Is there a significant price difference? If not, go for 4790k.
  9. I really don't see why not. Since people who know nothing of PC(the ones they target) won't care for IPC anyway. And AMD has those 5Ghz.
  10. Better run boku no pico a few times before turning off PC, then.
  11. It's not me. It's a fact that bf4 is poor for competitive gaming... (balance, "netcode"...etc. makes it bad)
  12. You still don't get it.Also, competitive...what? Bf4? That's a joke for anything competitive("netcode"). 290x better than 780 with physx off? you don't say... No, I'm not one in a million; just better than you. Kids can use (parents')credit cards... why do you think there are paying players for crossfire? And if you have trouble getting credit card... you still have more problems than pc part.