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  1. love the blackout keyboard, fingers crossed
  2. my mx518 needs new feet, and im very lazy
  3. I've been using a TKL (CMStorm quickfire) for a few years now, still miss having a number pad occasionally but gaming comfort > functionality, and if i know ill be needing the num pad a lot i can always plug in my old one, would like to try an even more compact one though.
  4. Jirio

    sound card for HD558

    sounds like i'm looking for a fiio E-10, thanks for the help guys edit: I'll look into getting a cable adapter, i've had issues with that.
  5. Jirio

    sound card for HD558

    Use: music, mostly orchestral current setup: 558's, on board sound (7.1 CH HD Audio with Content Protection (Realtek ALC892 Audio Codec))(idk enough about auido to know if thats exactly what you're asking for, thats the information from the mobo) no other i/o, i only use the headphones budget: would like something sub $80, it's really just a replacement for the on board sound
  6. Jirio

    sound card for HD558

    my on board sound is dying, looking for a cheap sound card, preferably one with a 1/4" headphone port because i don't like using the adapter. internal/external doesn't matter to me, can't think of anything else but please ask if there's anything else you need to know. Thanks in advance
  7. WASD movement (i only use ESDF for games with lots of hot key's) interact (?? i guess, i dont play shooters w/ much interact) F for grenade Mouse wheel for weapon toggle L shift for sights (dont snipe much usually though) Numbers same as OP RMB for jump or sprint (only game i play w/ both is shootmania so yea) does any one use somthing other then LMB for shoot? space i use for ski toggle in tribes R for reload
  8. Graphene has been around for a while now but the process it takes to make the stuff is very costly from what i understand.
  9. Expecting Rain (100%) Jaedong's worst match up is ZvP but he's still Jaedong MC is the bosstoss but don't see him doing well Welmu honestly seems out classed though he is super random in PvP and won't be as known. Group B is gonna be intense but im gonna say Polt and First. Bomber could definately do take out either of them Group C INnoVation (duh :P) NaNiwa could pull an upset but i hope to see TaeJa get through I haven't seen enough duckdeok sry D: Group D is so close, can't wait to watch it but I'll give it to Maru and Scarlett Scarlett's ZvT is so good but She's against MMA first and They're on the same team so mind games could play a big factor. either way looks like a really exciting tournament. :D
  10. Zerg currently only high gold but only just got back into sc2 ~3 weeks ago after a break since WoL beta NA MX518, G110, Goliathus Would really like to get into casting and maybe starting some low level tourney's here :D
  11. not sure if we're picking, if i win anything other then mirrors edge ill probably give it away on stream or give it to Samdb for the massive givaway :D
  12. Just please make it faster paced, consoles has forced shooters to get slower and slower :(
  13. way to be awesome guys, love giveaways :D