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  1. Sgt

    Sleeved cables

    @Lays I bought 1 24pin, 4 8pins and 2 6pin for 100$
  2. Sgt

    Sleeved cables

    Check out this guy : https://www.facebook.com/pages/Ensourced-Custom-Sleeved-Cables/351225731619723 He has a big panel of colors, and you can ask for custom length/color combination great quality and relatively cheap Edit : his profile picture might help you
  3. The fact that they use a MacBook is that because its one of the most popular laptop. So its easier to undestand how graphene stuff can be way more powerful, to people that are non-enthusiast or don't really understand.
  4. Source : http://www.businessweek.com/articles/2013-08-20/scientists-take-graphene-to-the-next-level
  5. Thanks for pointing this out, I was about to edit my post again to add this
  6. Not for 10bit, quadro is really needed for that, and a titan would be good for editing since it's mass amount of cuda cores. Thanks for the laugh, 4k$ gpu (quadro) or 1k gpu for youtube video (which are probably encoded with H.264). Oh and, most of Adobe software that work with Cuda (Premiere Pro at least if you tweak it since CS6) doesn't even use 2688 Cuda Cores (for the Titan). Anyway, there is no point AT ALL to spend thousand on a graphic card when you can have more or less the same amount of cuda cores on lower graphics card i.e 780 with 2304 cuda cores. Hell even a 680 is a bette
  7. Now I feel alone again, thanks for the help Mister Helping ! :'(
  8. Spent more in less time ! I beat you ! hehe Reading a post like that, I feel less alone ^^' but I also thought that people like us have a little problem of money management :D
  9. That's mostly because CaseLabs have their own forum on Overclock.net. On-topic : Great looking build
  10. Worst looking build I've ever seen. All the UV stuff and so... look like you took a giant mushroom or acid trip before building it. And stop your caps lock.
  11. The problem is not the performance AMD fanboys, the problem is the op has a tight budget. So its about MONEY. M-O-N-E-Y.
  12. But you've just posted something that happened in your life.
  13. I hope you know that a Titan/Quadro kind of cards are completely pointless in video editing (remember that we talk about a simple youtube video at the end... it's not like its something HUGE that use nnomnomnonmpowaaaaaaaapowerful stuff on a computer.)