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    Intel Core i5-4690k @ 4,4Ghz
  • Motherboard
    ASUS Z97-A
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    1x8GB HyperX Fury 1866Mhz
  • GPU
    Sapphire R9 390 Nitro 8GB GDDR5 (1100Mhz core 1800Mhz memory)
  • Case
    NZXT H440 Black/Red
  • Storage
    120GB HyperX Savage SSD / 1TB WD Blue
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    850W XFX XXX Edition , Semi-Modular
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    Acer S221HQL
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    Antec Kuhler H20 600 PRO /// 1x GT AP-30 +2x FN V2 , 1x 140mm GlideStream
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    MSI Dynamite
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    MSI Dynamite
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    ASUS Echelon Headset / Pioneer VSX-324 5.1 Surround Sound System - 100W per channel
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    Windows 7 64Bit

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  1. Love it when a rebuild kit costs 10€ , and you do it in 10 minutes .. carbs ftw
  2. Damn .. here , a 2008 model with the cup package , 7200 euro ( ~ 6000 gbp )
  3. What are the prices for 2005-6 Clio 197s in the UK ?
  4. Cant say i really like the front end , or the wing ... But its a prototype so things will probably change .
  5. Sapphire Nitro R9 390 @ Stock , 1080P Extreme Preset. 4K Optimized Preset :
  6. Thing is .. if i sell the stuff i have now as a combo , it covers the costs for a R5 1600 / Fatality K4 / 16GB DDR4 . If i sold the CPU only , it wouldnt cover 2/3s of the cost of a new 4790k . + The 1600 on stock doesnt really need an aftermarket cooler , which i can just drop in later , and you get 4 extra threads .
  7. Hmm .. is it worth selling a 4690k ( and mobo + ram ) , for a 1600/X / 1700/X + motherboard ( and ram ) ? Gaming primary , but could use them extra threads ..
  8. Auto-school , that is . I hate the fiesta and i dont even know why.
  9. Final thoughts : So for final thoughts ... im impressed by both the overthinking and nice touches in this case . For example , the cable looms . They are a nice thing to have , but to have such emphasis on cable menagement in a closed case ... I just dont see the logic . Id rather have 2-3 more HDD slots , then worry about cabling in a 25$ case . Another example of this is the PSU filter . There is none in the front , where most dust comes from into a PC . The build quality is ok , but since i have nothing on hands to compare it but the H440 which is classes beyond the Mini Cool Air , il leave it at that . The finish picks up dust and fingerprints more than it does looks , which kinda defeats the whole purpose of its minimalistic design . The glossy front plastic is really not needed on a 25$ case , and while it does add a bling factor , it just isnt needed . Unless you plan putting LED fans , of which one costs more than this case . And the aluminium finish around the front I/O ... its just dust magnet , and also scratching magnet , for when you insert USB sticks or peripherals in the ports . The plastic for the most part seemed ok , but a bit too finnicky and didnt provide any trust . ( when taking the front panel off , i had to use a bit of force and the plastic easily flexed ) The case could use a bit taller feet , since i imagine this case will be put on carpets often , and thus suffocating the PSU ... Cable menagement ... sadly i didnt have a motherboard handy to fully wire it up , but with all the I/O cables and the PSU cables , i had no problem tucking them away in corners , out of sight , and since all the cable holes are rounded , there is no worries about damaging your cables . The side panels also ease it up , since they easily add another 1cm of cable space . The positioning of the PSU , and the drive cage enables this little case to handle almost any GPU up to 300mm length , at least for the top PCI-E slot . The bottom slots could get hampered by the drive cage , and since its riveted to the case , it could cause issues . CPU coolers up to 150mm height can fit in this case , and that should be enoguh for the hardware people would put in this thing . Took some pictures of it next to my H440 for size comparison ... Conclusion : Pros : - small and light , while being sturdy - value ( 25$ ) - cable management - ease of work - minimalistic design , fits anywhere - GPU / CPU cooler space Cons : - no filters on the front - plastic quality - lackluster HDD space - PSU / DVD Drive interference - limited fan options - rubber feet height P.S - my first review ever , so i hope it wasnt too crappy .. and the photos were taken with a smartphone and i have shaky hands so ..
  10. Interior PT.3 : Some more pictures of the interior , of the cable menagement , and the PSU / DVD Drive issue .
  11. Interior Pt.2 : All of the cable ports , are rounded and plastified so your cables dont get damaged while routing them to wherever they need to go . The case comes with motherboard standoffs already installed , and the I/O cables , while not sleeved , are still easily hidden behind the motherboard tray , because the side panels have "dents" which expand outwards to create space for cable management . There is also quite a bit of cable looms to use to keep those cables tidy , and while it is nice to see , i dont really see the point because the case doesnt have windowed panels ... But its a nice touch .