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  1. By ISP ip you mean the public IP or ? I know the router has the standard other than that i dont know alot
  2. Yes exactly that . When i connect to the #2 router with the laptop it works . Sadly there is no way to connect the server directly to the #1 router ,as the cables run in walls . I guess il need to experiment with the port forwarding settings on router #1
  3. Tried it , still doesnt work . Tho , an observation i did make : I tried connecting with the laptop via wifi If i try over the #1 Router , it doesnt work . BUT if i connect to the #2 Router , it recognizes the IP and it works . I suppose i just cant open the needed ports on Router #1 for whatever reason ?
  4. So if i got it right , IP of Router #2 into the port forwarding IP of Router #1 , and then use the server IP as target for Router #2 port forwarding ?
  5. Well , this is how it is hooked up , i have no idea what NAT is , but il try to explain it : TC-7200 ( main router ) provides internet for the laptop and TV via wi-fi and is hooked up to the TV receiver via cable . Then a cable runs from it , all the way to my room into the TP-LINK unit , on which i have the host PC and my gaming PC hooked up via cable and it also provides wifi to a smartphone and a tv . So i suppose ( at least from wiking what NAT is ) that i have to deal with that ?
  6. Tried PF Port checker , and TCP ports dont react at all , while UDP ports are "half-open" .. says it sent the package thru but it never got to the PC
  7. Well , tried it from a neibghours laptop , says cannot connect . And also tried from my laptop which is in the LAN but in a different subnet i suppose , also doesnt want to connect.
  8. So only the with the port or without it ?
  9. Il try to take some screenshots to make it easier .. Router #1 Router #2 On the host PC , all the ports have been allowed thru the firewall ... And this is the part that confuses me : when i give the IP to someone outside my LAN , i give them the Public IP + port at the end ? for example 192.564.987.1:9987 ( not my iP just an example )
  10. Il try to make it quick and short . I accuired and older PC , that il use as a TS3 server , and so far it works . But only for the computers on my home network . Says in the tutorial to open port 9987 for TS3 , which i did on both of my routers , and in the firewall of the host PC . Also , the host PC has a static IP . When i go and check if the ports are open , it either says that they are not open , or a connection timeout . Any ideas ? The routers are a TC7200-DMS and a TP-LINK TL-WR843ND.
  11. Looks good ... goes even better . 6.9s to a 100km/h . Want .
  12. One car i need to complete the family ... the Clio . 197 of course
  13. TBH the vel satis is garbage . Looks bonkers , and while based on the Laguna and Espace IV , it has none of the advantages . The laguna is easily the most comfortable of all the Renaults , and the Espace has the biggest cargo space , the vel satis has ... a fat arse ? And it gets worse mileage with the same engines because it weighs 200kg more than a Laguna II ..
  14. For a Renault , this is probably the top of the line you can get , at least back in 2006 . I know i did some poking around , and new this thing with the Privilege package cost somehwere around 50$k . Thats without the 3.0L V6 auto option tho . This is a 1,9DCI , 120HP .