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  1. I must say a big thanks to the OP , got my Ryzen 7 1700 running at 3,6Ghz @ 1,14V with the P-State method , so it clocks down at idle nicely too . On a Noctua NH-L9x65 cooler , temps never got above 60.C in a ITX case.
  2. mITX Ryzen 7 Build - The Subwoofer

    Update : the gpu finally arrieved 1080 Mini by Zotac . If it was 4mm longer it wouldnt fit .. Lookin smexy but tiny in the same time . its in. Hopefully , its final resting place.
  3. There is a sea of 197s for sale here .. anywhere from 5000€ to 7000€ . Buut a big nono was general price for parts .. standard Renault cars , OK. Renault Sport on the other hand ... ouch
  4. Now i need to get a Clio RS just so i can stay competitive
  5. Does it mean il finally have a Renault friend ? So i dont suffer alone ?
  6. Should have explained a bit more , by fuel screw i meant the fuel / air mixture on a carburetor
  7. Is 1615 CB Score for Ryzen 7 1700 @ 3,7Ghz ok ?

  8. Only way i can spin the tires from a launch is if i redline the engine , take a piss on the tires and oil em up like blonde hookers in bad po3no.
  9. There are automatic mixers tho ... KTM has an EFI 2stroke dirtbike too .. Vespas , Lambrettas , and most 2stroke scooters have seperate oil / fuel tanks so u just fill up and be on your merry way. But , are a reliabilty issue , mixer dies , your engine follows soon