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  1. I am so jelly you cant even emagine . What Alfa ?
  2. CR125 .. close to 30hp stock , revs like a madman . Tbh any of the 125s are a good pick . RM , YZ , CR ... 4strokes i dont know enough about to give good advice General guideline ... for "fun" go 2stroke.. for driving around no fuss go 4.
  3. The joint between the intake cone , gasket and carb face is a bit rough. + dull aluminum like this is boring.
  4. Wheelies in water. Good thing is the intake adapter for the airbox still fits on the new carb. Some polishing and its good to go.
  5. Hah , i think youd want it back , the 9port barrel does wheelies in any gear . Or eats up chains .. and breaks loose on any surface if you look at the throttle If its the same for you , go look on ebay for older dellorto parts.. The nut for the fuel bowl is 30€
  6. Dellorto is very good , the downer is that most of the good ones are really hard to find parts for due to age . That drives prices up too. Get yourself a CR500 , slap on a 550 9port barrel and enjoy 80+ HP and gobs of torque . Doesnt rev as high tho ..
  7. I personally never had a carb go nuts on me except this walbro. As for flooding .. car carbs its either fuel pump pressure set to high or incorrect float level . Bike carbs cannot tolerate like ANY pressure other then the pull by gravity. Flooding on them is usually worn needle socket / needle , debris stuck in the needle seat , sunk floats and etc.. or a combination of all in the worst case.
  8. Go Keihein , never turn back . Either that or Mikuni / Dellorto as second choices. Best bet is (if u still have the bike) go 36 AS series from keihein .
  9. Walbro is pretty much present in anything below 50ccs . They make carbs for bigger stuff too but as you see they dont always work as planned. Like literally open up the first chainsaw you see its a walbro . Tho tillotson is proper racing stuff , so no surprise its on a bike. The size difference and general architecture really proves the difference..
  10. Yea ... the walbro is just a shit show for anything larger than 50ccs
  11. Well dunno , i dont like to keep people haning but thats just me On the carb sides of things , this is why its always better to get the proper one for your job. On the left , ugly child Walbro .. on the right a proper Tillotson unit.
  12. I hope i didnt overdo my sarcasm and ended up looking like an arse
  13. Well didnt mean it in any bad way , i have 2 colleagues which suffer from mild forms i guess , i dont know how that goes ... "Annoying" yes .. but the good point is they are very enthusiastic about it. So apologies if received in a bad manner , should have worded it better. As of @vinyldash303 showing off hes just gettin blockd.