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  1. Yeah , servo , cable or vacuum operated . Should be fun once de-restricted , maybe throw a 32mm carby on it , with a boyseen rid kit ... and a different pipe to suit your riding style ...
  2. Powervalve should follow throttle opening on those models , later models got the RPM or vacuum operated power valves . There are lots of info on line how to check and adjust them , but basically it should stay closed till 5-6k RPM then open up to full position and stay open at above 8k RPM . If its lacking a lot of power down low , it could need some adjusting . Really not alot can go wrong on those engines , if Honda knows how to make anything at all , its their 2strokes . Other stuff includes opening up the engine , to inspect the bore for signs of past seizures and
  3. 2 Stroke, automatic thumbs up . Check the power valve , as it can be a pain if its not synchronised properly with the throttle . Good thing to check is the plug should be golden brown ideally ( mixture wise ) , and if you do remove the exhaust restriction you will have to jet up a few sizes .
  4. Wont allow embedding sadly.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-xX2tcw9uRg&t=1s
  5. Thats not what a thermocouple does . One relies on physical properties of the material used ( mercury or alcohol ) to accurately represent the change in temperature via change of volume which you then read off a scale , while the other uses the thermo-electric effect which you can then read off of a multimeter / voltmeter or do an analog to digital conversion to use in displays and what not ... From inexpensive K-types which have a very wide range of measurement but are less precise to something like Type-B which have a narrower range of measurement but have +/- .5% error.
  6. Massive. Free cookie to anyone hwo guesstimates the max. allowed compressor speed (RPM)
  7. Clones are identical in spec to the GX series , minor differences between the Predator ( harbor freight brand ? ) and Chondas to exist , but 99% parts are interchangable.
  8. Minibike . Hopefully , the engine will be able to spool it enough to get .5bar out of it ( GX200 Clone )
  9. EBC Green stuff pads , and a chinesium 26mm Mikuni carburetor.