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  1. I've got an absolutely bizarre problem I've never seen before. Since switching my computer off 2 hours ago, I've switched it back on to find a collection of random BD-ROM Drives appearing, so many that I've lost access to most of my USB ports. Has anyone seen anything like this before?
  2. Absolute legend! I didn't realise a dead CMOS battery was so terminal, other than PC not keeping the correct date. Problem fixed, thanks very much!
  3. Hi, My computer has suddenly developed a weird fault after 3 years of perfect service. I can shut it down and start it up normally, but if I shut it down and turn it off at the plug, when I next turn it on it quickly powers up and down, then restarts. Once it's done this, all the BIOS settings are erased. I added a second hard drive a few weeks ago, but this didn't start until 2 days ago. I've uploaded a quick video of it happening to YouTube here: https://youtu.be/WzIuksCC0es. My first thought is perhaps the PSU is failing, but it doesn't make sense for it to only happen after being switched off at the plug. I don't have a spare PSU lying around either to test it. Has anyone else run in to a similar problem?
  4. Vessel user name: ChrisG619 Videos: Rear IO lighting video, plan on trying this sometime soon https://www.vessel.com/videos/MI7F0u2H8 The A10 warthog HOTAS, with Elite Dangerous and Star Citizen I'm looking for a new flight stick https://www.vessel.com/videos/Yj4PbcgKj
  5. I first found LinusTechTips when a friend linked me to a video of your Computex coverage. At first I didn't like the channel, but having watched a few other videos I subscribed, and since then I have always set aside a small portion of the day so I can watch the new video. Congrats on the 1 million subscriber milestone, you and your team really deserve it.
  6. That 1080p IPS panel, my current laptop has a 768p screen. It doesn't even have working WiFi or batteries.
  7. Problem is that there's no audio anywhere
  8. I know that at least one of the rear ports works because I'm using it for the microphone, they just don't seem to work for audio out. This problem only started today
  9. Here's a new one, I've never seen this before. Up until today, my sound card has worked perfectly, which is for about 6 months. Then, I discovered that during a skype call, the other person could hear me, but not the other way around. I then realised that I can't get any audio out from the back sound card at all. I've tried three sets of headphones and my surround speakers, and nothing works. However, using the front panel audio which connected to the sound, I get audio, even if it sounds worse. The strange thing is that none of the rear jacks on the sound card work for outputting audio, but I can still use the purple one for my mic. Does anyone have any experience with how to fix this?
  10. My 4S doesn't blue screen, but it randomly restarts fairly often. It seems to be cometely random, happening in RR3, YouTube and in the messages app.
  11. Skype, comms seemed to be kida weird and buggy, and the microphone volume slider for each of us would randomly go up and down, with no way to permanently set it. That was quite a while ago though.
  12. I thought it might be an issue because there are some games which just run far better with intel cpus. I have the hot fixes already installed.
  13. One thing I would love to know is what difference an i5 or i7 would make. The game starts off with an intel logo, with lots of intel advertising through out, so I would assume that it is optimised for intel cpus. If anyone has a rig similar to mine but with an Intel CPU, I would like to know how it runs for you.
  14. My OS is Windows 7. I've checked now, and there doesn't appear to be any damage. If there was, I doubt it would run other games well. I think I gotten rid of every last bit of the old drivers, and trying 326.19 beta drivers seems to make no difference. Geforce experience is telling me I can run the game in a very high details, and the optimisation seems to make little difference.