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  1. Morning people! I'm moving my PC into a dedicated gaming room and although I can probably route an Ethernet to it, the Mrs may not be best pleased with the potential solution, so I was wondering if their is a good alternative. I want the signal to be consistent and strong. My internet is 500mb and I tend to get around 550mb consistently through ethernet. Wifi in this house takes quite a big hit, so only really good for browsing. I've seen mesh, but seems quite expensive for one a one room solution. Powerline, I've had in the past, so they've probably got
  2. Hi there. Sorry to dig up an old thread, I completely forgot about this! I did some more research and it started to make a lot more sense, but as you know exactly what you're talking about, I will pick your brains slightly if that's ok. Firstly, Randomly I actually bought that NZXT USB adapter, so I do have that. So, to get this correct (The rest of my watercooling stuff comes Monday, so I can actually start on with it) Sata - Gives power to the pump 5Pin USB - I link this to the USB hub 4Pin Fan - Do I actually need to link anything up to this. My f
  3. This is a beyond n00bish question, but I am really struggling here, so I will try and be a thorough as possible. First time watercooling, opted for a dual loop (aesthetic reasons only), and right now, I am just sorting out linking everything to the case and motherboard. I am awaiting the coolant, but want everything else connected up and ready to go. So I have two Aquacomputer res/pump combo's. In my opinion, the manual is really bad (Although I'm not all to up on some of these connectors, so it is more likely me) The manual (This downloads a PDF before you click)
  4. Good afternoon. To answer your questions The pumps: - Type: digitally addressable RGB - Connection: 2x proprietary (aqua computer RGBpx, 1x input, 1x output) - Cable length: 50 cm - Compatibility RGBpx ring: Aqua computer control unit with RGBpx output The Waterblock and CPU block are DRGB The Phantek strip: Compatibility: PHANTEKS Digital RGB Controller Hub ASUS Aura Sync (with 5VDG Adapter) MSI Mystic Light Sync (with 5VDG Adapter) Gigabyte RGB Fusion (5VDG Adapter) ASRock Polychrome Sync (5VDG Adapter) Razer Chromas (5VD
  5. Hey guys, I'm going to start my new PC build and this one includes a lot of watercooling and RGB, but I've no idea how to efficiently put it all together, so I know the RGB enthusiasts in here will love to point me in the right direction! Right, so I'll start with the Mobo. I have an Asus Strix x570-F, so it has Aura sync, So I'm gonna assume I want to take advantage of this?. My parts: EK Waterblock and GPU block which are both Aura compatible Lian Li SL120 fans, which come with their own controller: 4th and 5th pic are an example of the controller 2 x Aquacomputer D
  6. So I wanna build my PC, but not happy with the layout of the P5 so I'm gonna drill some holes so I can attach my mobo. Looking on amazon for some longer / higher stand offs, I've come across brass and nylon. I did some googling to see if their is any difference, and people spoke about using washers, using brass etc, to avoid shorting the mobo, but at the same time, that seems like an old problem, for older boards, so my question is, does it actually matter which I use, and would brass be a stronger material to use? Two side questions. I did ask this once before, but most
  7. Hi and thanks. I've gone for 240 as the fans that I am wanting on come in 120s. The two loop is mostly for looks over complete performance I've already got a bending kit, I just didn't add it to the list as I am more worried about compatibility at this point As for draining, I've put the valve at the lowest point. Would I not be right in thinking that by turning it open I could just directly drain from that
  8. Hey guys, gonna have a go at watercooling a pc early next year. I'm still looking into all the details so be kind! I'm not rushing into it, but with black friday around the corner, It'd be nice to pick up the majority of what I need. I've attached a picture (not to scale) to give an idea of what I would like to go for. I know it's an ambitious loop for a first timer, but I've compiled a list of items I will pick up. MONOBLOCK - https://www.ekwb.com/shop/ek-quantum-momentum-rog-strix-x570-e-d-rgb-plexi FITTINGS - 3 PACKS https://www.ekwb.com/shop/ek-quantum-torqu
  9. Edit - Sorted Not sure if I am able to delete!
  10. Thanks for all your replies. I actually think deep down the two screen setup is the way to go, but the G9 just looks so enticing that I'm trying to convince myself
  11. Hey guys, I've never owned an ultrawide or super ultrawide monitor before and I really want to try one and looking at the Samsung Odyssey G9, it seems to fit the bill in so many ways. 240hz for my FPS games 1440p ultrawide gaming for my single player game But my question is. When I want to play at 240hz, I'd also want to play at standard widescreen settings, but while doing this, can I also snap windows at each side while playing fullscreen? So game in the middle, twitch on the right and whatever to the left of it? Or would I have to play at borderless windowed,
  12. No real budget in mind but I'm thinking between £2-250. I'm more drawing up a shortlist of boards right now, with the links above being the ones so far.
  13. These were the boards I was looking at x570: https://www.overclockers.co.uk/asrock-x570-taichi-amd-am4-ddr4-x570-chipset-atx-motherboard-mb-16m-ak.html https://www.overclockers.co.uk/asus-rog-strix-x570-f-gaming-amd-am4-ddr4-x570-chipset-atx-motherboard-mb-6du-as.html b550: https://www.overclockers.co.uk/asus-rog-strix-b550-f-gaming-amd-am4-b550-atx-motherboard-mb-6fb-as.html https://www.overclockers.co.uk/asus-rog-strix-b550-e-gaming-amd-am4-b550-atx-motherboard-mb-6fd-as.html
  14. Hey, with the upcoming release of zen 3 I'm looking at picking up parts. When it comes to B v X motherboards, is their much of a difference? I've tried comparing a few but nothing stands out. So I guess the next question would be. What should I look for in a motherboard? I ask this as I made my first build a few years ago and just got a basic Aorus gaming mobo for an intel processor and the overclocking features were minimal at best. (Didn't work basically) Not sure on what Zen 3 processor I'll get yet, but I do want to overclock etc Thanks
  15. Unfortunately I've been suckered in and do like that RAM, so as much as I want the best performance, I'll have to sacrifice some for the one I like. Thanks. That calculator gives me the exact same numbers as that reddit post. I think in this instance, getting the 3600 would be best. Ok, thank you. So 3600 would be the one to go for. I thought as much, just wanted to be sure