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  1. I'm looking for a Casual team who are just in it for fun but we can also take it seriously. We can play ranked and normal game modes. I can also teach new players if you're willing to learn. NO COMMITMENT REQUIRED.
  2. I'm seriously fed up with companies calculating in decimal. buy 1tb = 931gb... So yea, my question is: are there any companies which I can give my money to so I can get a nice 240gb ssd?
  3. do you recon it'll be worth it spending another 100 on an amp?
  4. https://www.massdrop.com/buy/akg-k7xx-massdrop-first-edition-headphones I'll be getting these for myself as a Christmas and birthday present to me, I don't intend to use them with any portable devises, just my pc. Will my motherboard's on board audio or front 3.5 mm be enough? the headphones are rated at 62 ohms. any help or information will be appreciated!!!
  5. everything will fit just fine. just dont forget to buy ram. (it's currently not on the list)
  6. So I'm thinking of getting a 10-bit monitor My question is, would I need to buy another gpu to be able to get the 10-bit colour reproduction? I currently have a 7970
  7. guys note that i can drop things to the desk top from folders but after i place them down i cant move them ever again,,,
  8. unticked... doesnt work... what is life
  9. didn't work, should i kill my self now?
  10. correct... hold left click drag to the right side of the screen cant...
  11. exactly why i need help... i dont understand why i cant... what is life, i've searched the net and you're my last hope LTT
  12. i cant drag an icon from the left side of the screen to the right
  13. dragging and dropping icons on the desktop it was a joke mate
  14. i upgraded to windows 8.1 and now i cant drag and drop. what the shit bill gates, why you do this. HELP ME GUYS
  15. here's my story >be me in high school >jerk wants to fight me >punch me right at the jaw >didn't hurt for some reason >walk away >get called a pussy >weeks later i see him getting arrested (i don't know the reason) lessons: don't let them get to you, don't lower yourself to their level, they will eventually get what they deserve, and dont fight over social network. it gains you nothing. (thinking of deleting my facebook because it's boring asfa, everyone who wants to contact me is on my phone.)
  16. buy an r9 290x for mantle support then then then add a physx nvidia card maybe just a 460 or even just a 450 would be more enough but i'm not sure about getting g-snyc i think that mantle is more important than g-sync imo
  17. I want to start recording music with my friends I'm really thinking of getting the at2020 or the sl300 is there any other microphones that you guys would recommend for less than 150 dollars? also... which softwears do you guys recommend for recording and editing audio? do i need any other equipment other than headphones? i already have the m50's
  18. im the same bro, i think it's because i've drowned myself in games that i've gotten bored with some of them. i used to only play a few games every year. now i buy loads and dont even play them.
  19. zues, all you do is spam you skills. easy wins.
  20. should i buy another set of headphones or buy a soundcard and amp? budget is 300-400
  21. i used to think that amd also supported physx since i was also able to run it... yea i was able to run with physx but i found out it wasnt the 7970 card that was doing that physx calculations it was my processor, (dramatically impacted my frames) well that's what i was told, i could be wrong. im smarter now, i think