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    Intel Core i7 2600K
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    ASUS P8P67 PRO
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    8GB G. Skill Ripjaws X
  • GPU
    ASUS Radeon HD 7970 DirectCU II
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    Corsair 600T Special Edition White
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    Samsung 840 250GB, 2x1TB Seagate Barracuda 7200rpm
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    Corsair HX750W
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    Dell, LG
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    NZXT Havik 140
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    CM Storm Quickfire TK
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    Razer Deathadder 2013

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  1. The latest BIOS for my motherboard (MSI Tomahawk Max) is a beta BIOS, is that safe to flash?
  2. Sit the fan? Do you mean the fan wasn't properly attached to the CPU cooler?
  3. So I just built a new PC with a Ryzen 3600 and Hyper 212 Black Edition RGB. I'm checking CoreTemp and the CPU idles at 50C which is very high. My old CPU would idle in the low 30s. I also noticed that the core frequency stays at 4,050 MHz instead of downclocking when the system is idling. My old PC would run at lower clocks when I was idling at the desktop. I'm worried about these high idle temps since the Hyper 212 should be able to keep the CPU reasonably cool. Is it a thermal paste issue and should I reinstall the cooler, or is there a software solution? (Also my RAM is running at 2,133Mhz instead of 3,200Mhz because I haven't set it up in the BIOS yet)
  4. Well my old PC didn't do this. My graphics card sounds like a jet engine on startup (Gigabyte 5700 Gaming OC). I'm thinking of returning it because this level of noise is just unacceptable.
  5. Ok I checked and it is just my GPU that is spinning up to 100%. It's a Gigabyte 5700 and this seems to be a common issue with Ryzen 3000 CPUS causing graphics cards to spin at full volume on startup.
  6. My case fans (NZXT H500) sound like a vacuum when I first start up my PC but as soon as I boot into Windows they become whisper quiet. I wish there was a way to stop them being so loud for the first few seconds because it actually hurts my ears.
  7. I just built a new PC and every time I turn it on, the CPU, GPU and case fans all spin at 100% for 5 seconds before slowing down. The fans are extremely loud and having this happen every single time I turn on my computer is unacceptable. Is there a BIOS setting to turn down the fan speed?
  8. So if you use torrent clients would y ou need a better antivirus?
  9. I'm building a new PC and was wondering if I need to install an antivirus in 2019. I used Avast on my old desktop and it did seem to have quite a performance hit. I'm currently using Bitdefender Free on my laptop and it's running smoothly. But is Windows Defender enough in 2019?
  10. Ahhhh the front panel had a breakout adapter that was attached wrongly, finally fixed it!! Thanks for your help.
  11. No. Nothing happens. I just tried removing and reinserting the front panel connectors and it still doesn't work
  12. Yes the PSU is on. The power button on my case has a white light around it and if I flip the PSU switch off then the light goes away. It's just that the pc itself doesn't turn on at all.
  13. The motherboard doesn't have any LEDs on though? So isn't it a motherboard issue?
  14. Hi, I just built a new PC. I plugged everything in and connected the PSU to the wall but when I press the power button on my case (NZXT H510) the pc won't boot. No motherboard leds, no post, no fans, nothing. The case power button has a soft light around it, but aside from that there are no other lights. When I press the flash bios button at the back of the motherboard (B450 Tomahawk Max) , a red Led starts blinking. But again, the pc doesn't power up, the cooler doesn't spin, and nothing happens. I've already tried unplugging and replugging the 24 pin motherboard connector and the 8 pin cpu connector. What can I do to fix this?