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    I like wasting my time watching Linus's videos and learning about PC hardware in general. I'm a audio-visual enthusiast as well.
    Of course I like playing video games on all platforms (not some kind of fanboy and such!)

    Happy to help at any problem or question you may have!
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    Currently studying Computer Engineering


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    Intel Core i5-3470 @ 3.20GHz
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    Asrock H77M
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    8GB 1333mhz
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    Gigabyte GTX 1060 6GB G1(R2.0)
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    Cooler Master K350
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    2TB WD GreenDrive 7200 RPM & 120GB Samsung 840 EVO
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    Be Quiet! Pure Power L8 630W
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    LG 27EA73 IPS 27in
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    Be Quiet! Shadow Rock 2
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    Microsoft Sidewinder x6
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    Logitech G102
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    Soundcard: Audiotrak PRODIGY CUBE | Receiver/Amplifier: Denon PMA-1500 R | Speakers: Two DCM TF-350s
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    Windows 10 64bit

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  1. Apparently the disk is "perfect". I don't know.. I'll extract the important files and I'll only use it for media I guess. Power on time is only 44 days as well. Like I only use it as a secondary mostly media storage drive. It's not like its been used heavily.
  2. I think it's not.. I'm not sure though will check. But if I RMA it now they'll see that its working fine lol.
  3. Yeah that's what I'm thinking of doing... The thing is the drive isn't that old anyway. Must be like less than 3 years, more than 2.
  4. Ok so I tried pretty much everything with no luck. At the end I even tried to initialize the disk but it gave me an error. So I was like forget it I'll try again later maybe I can reset it with some command or something. 1 hour later plugged in the drive suddenly it showed up in the disk management as an NTFS drive only that it didn't have a letter to it. So I assigned a letter, windows recognised it and boom all of the files were there. I don't even know what the hell happened! It's like the drive is having a mind of its own. Literally didn't change anything!
  5. I just tried booting from a live Ubuntu USB drive and I only saw my internal drives. Didn't find the external one.
  6. I'll try making a bootable Ubuntu USB drive. After that what I'll need to do?
  7. Hello guys, I just plugged my WD external HDD to my computer but its not showing up on the file explorer. Only if I go to the Disk Management I can see it but it shows up as "unknown/not initialized" and it asks me to initialize it. The thing is that I do not want to lose any data and as I googled a bit initializing the disk would cause that. I tried downloading some tools but they show the drive as 0MB or not at all cause there isn't any letter assigned to it. So any ideas on how or if I can get my files back at least? I'll add some screenshots if it helps. Any help will be appreciated! Thanks!
  8. Ok thanks if it happens again I'll do it that way. What's the use of cpu-z and gpu-z tho? Only for monitoring?
  9. Yeah if it happens again I'll reinstall Windows.
  10. I played Siege for around 3 hours and I had no issues. I didn't change anything from yesterday. I dont know whats going on but as you said that weird af lol. Like... how can it be a software issue? But then again how can it be a hardware one? Stress test for 2 hours and nothing happened. I will continue using my PC like I was used to and I will try out some more games. If anything new comes up I'll post here.
  11. Ok so I'm running stress test for the past 2 hours now and got nothing. No crashes no anything. The fist half an hour I was running Aida64 along with Unigine Heaven and after that it was Aida64 with FurMark. I also checked out the boxes for: Stress local disks, system memory, cache and FDU. So the system had everything working maxed out. I also did 2 runs with Memtest86+ and found no errors. What do you make out of this? I will try playing some games again and see what happens and I'll post back when I got any news. Here some screenshots you can check:
  12. Yes I did the DDU thing already. Im on my GPU now and its fine on the desktop but it will pretty sure crash in game again. I will try running a GPU stress test and see if I get anything from there.
  13. Hello guys! So I have a GTX 660Ti from MSI. Two times one of the two fans stopped working. First time I replaced them, second time I didn't bother. I just removed my overclock. So for a lot of months now my GPU is running with only one of two fans. And depending on the game, if it's maxing out my GPU it is running on about 88 degrees celsius (190 Fahrenheit). I didn't have any issues though. So far... Today I was playing Rainbow Six Siege and suddenly my game froze, and after a while my PC restarted on its own. Went into Windows and after 5 minutes everything froze except the mouse pointer. Restarted the PC manually. This time no issues on Windows. Started the game again and after some time it froze again. It didn't restart on its own this time. Task manager would not open so I just restarted it manually. Tried another game and again it froze the whole system. After restarting my PC I had no signal from the GPU on my monitor. I unpluged the HDMI cable and I pluged it on my motherboards port. So I was using Intel graphics. I downloaded DDU and reinstalled my graphics drivers. This time I had signal coming ouy of my GPU. Tried playing some games but again the PC just froze again after a while. Restarted with no signal coming from the GPU again. After a 5 minutes wait and a shutdown in between I had signal on my GPU. So now I'm using my GPU. But I won't try playing any games again cause I'm certain it will crash again. I'm pretty sure that's the GPU slowly dying cause of running too hot for some time now. Like, nvidia says my max GPU temp should be 90 and I was running ~88 on some game sessions. But yesterday I was playing fine. Also I am using RTSS for capping my framerate now. So my GPU isn't fully stressed on all games (some do stress it though). Like the last time that it crashed I think it was running on 70 celsius. So that's why i'm not 100% sure. Could it be another part that is failing? I don't think it's a software issue because of those two occasions that my GPU had no signal after the crashes. What do you guys think? I am already planning on getting a GTX 1060 pretty soon so that's good. But I want to be sure so I don't get the new GPU and have the same problems again. Thanks!