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  1. My plan is to upgrade soon and I was thinking to get SeaHawk or Hybrid cooled cards in SLI. I love the S340 Elite but I can't get a solid answer if I could fit a radiator in the top/back slots at the same time. Looks like my only concern is motherboard spacing from the top radiator. Example motherboard, I'd like something along the lines of Gigabyte Z270 Gaming 5. Would this work or will I need to keep case shopping? Is SLI still worth it or should I just get one and go ITX? Thanks
  2. PumaXCS

    S340 120mm radiator clearance

    While I appreciate the suggestion to the P400 I have a 750D currently and am trying to get away from larger cases (+450mm). While the P400 isn't big per say I'm looking for something as close to mATX as possible for desk space reasons (upgraded to a 21:9 and with both of those on my desk its tight). I've also got a custom loop and love the cooling and looks but not a fan of all the responsibilities, when I was a part-time student I had the time to constantly tinker but now full time employed I'd prefer to have the ease of use without letting go of those temps the AIO gives. I'd want to just have an mATX but options for it are slim to none that its borderline useless, which is why I'm also considering if 2 GPU's is worth it or just go with the much smaller case. Thanks for all your help. It may not have given me the yes or no I aimed for but I'm a lot closer to the answer than I was.
  3. PumaXCS

    S340 120mm radiator clearance

    Huh. I can't believe after all this time looking I never noticed that 3/4 RAM modules are covered by the fan slot. I was going to get Vengeance LPX or LED so guess that means the LPX is my best bet. I'm still waiting for Vega to make my final decision so I have some time to view other options for hardware and cases. Really like the look of the Mini C. Thanks
  4. PumaXCS

    Great Full tower case?

    Corsair 600C, 780T, 760T, 750D. Fractal R4/R5. Phanteks Enthoo series, Evolv.
  5. PumaXCS

    P400S vs Define S

    Define S because the plastic, RGB, gamer look isn't for me.
  6. Current owner of the LG, do that one.
  7. PumaXCS

    Monitor crisis - help needed

    I just recently got LG UC87C and it was nearly flawless panel that I got. Do they not sell that there?
  8. PumaXCS


    I would lean towards the 67P. You may not be able to take advantage of all the monitors features but it is the one with more features, get whats best for your money now. Gsync may fade away into Freesync, and the panel on the 67P can OC to 75Hz not dependent on Freesync so the panel is also the better of the two.
  9. As a hospital IT this sounds so scary, knowing how easily something like this could happen.
  10. PumaXCS

    i7-2600 or fx-8300

    The i7 has 4 CPU + 4 HT cores, so it is an 8 core CPU. As someone who went from an FX 6100 to an i7 4770k its the best switch ever. I completely fell for the more cores = better when I built my first my by far the i7 is the only way to go for performance. If you are only gaming there is no need to get anything above an i5 as most games don't use above the 4 cores anyways. Doing streams, multimedia, etc then you can get the use of the extra cores the i7 has.
  11. PumaXCS

    LG 34UC87C $699 MicroCenter (US)

    http://www.microcenter.com/product/450937/34UC87C_34_Curved_UltraWide_WQHD_Monitor Not the best sale considering it was $100 cheaper there at the end of Janurary but best price for this monitor right now. For those like me with refund money burning holes in pockets its close enough.
  12. PumaXCS

    old high end card vs new mid range

    I would get something like a R9 280/290 for an "older" card. You start digging too far back and the support starts to get flaky. If the options are GTX 500 series or current, I'd go current.
  13. XCOM Enemy Unknown is the base game, Enemy Within is a massive DLC. Still needs Enemy Unknown to play Within. Great deals on all those. I own literally all of it and would recommend any of the otpions. XCOM for $1 is nothing short of a steal considering the mobile version is more than that.
  14. PumaXCS

    Need suggestions for Ultra wide Monitor

    Display Port cable can't support anything past 100Hz at 3440x1440 resolution. The only Gsync option at UW 1440p is the X34, the only Freesync option at UW 1440p is XR341CK. If you can live with none sync tech, but still want a curve my opinion is for the Dell U3415W or LG 34UC87C.
  15. Unless something gets announced at CES those two monitors are the only two options that fit the GSync 21:9 category. Either you don't want one bad enough or you get one of those.
  16. PumaXCS

    Can the Samsung S34E790C be screen split?

    Ah, yes. The screen split software is on LG's website. http://www.lg.com/us/support-product/lg-34UC87C-B#manuals
  17. Doesn't this monitor retail in the $800 range? The only one I know of that went for $1200 was the X34. Has the pricing on UW monitors gone up?
  18. PumaXCS

    LG UC87 backlight bleed

    The only thing you can do is calibrate the brightness to make it not as noticeable but by no means is a fix as the problem is still there. Other than a return thats all I know of, a defect is a defect and nothing you can do for it.
  19. PumaXCS

    Ultrawide monitor upgrade! Suggestions?

    You can get the LG 34UM57-P or LG 34UM67-P which are 21:9 1080p at 34" with Freesync so they should OC to ~75Hz. If the curve is important you can go with Samsung's S29E790C 29" 1080p curved but lacks sync tech. If you want 1440p you cheapest options for non curved are LG 34UM94-P or AOC U3477PQU and curved 1440p are Dell U3415W or LG 34UC87C. Ought to be enough options to pick from, if you want every option its the X34 but it breaks anyone's bank. There are only 3 GSync Ultrawide monitors, the X34, Z35, and the new one coming out from ASUS.
  20. Yep, that is a massive step forward but its all belittled now because this guy made a bad forum post about it. Really?
  21. Sum' bitch! I bought my 6P last night. :angry: EDIT - Turns out you can get the $50 refund if you've bought one after Dec 1st. We cool again Google.
  22. PumaXCS

    Corsair 600C

    The front fans are 140mm and seems to have alot of clearance for a 360. I'd imagine that a 360 and 240 could coexist no problem.
  23. PumaXCS

    Which 3440x1440 Curved Monitor?

    My vote is the UC87 or Dell
  24. PumaXCS

    Tech Gifts for Non-techies Giveaway!

    I was going to get my friends and parents a type C USB drive. We are all getting the Nexus 5X/6P after I told them about Google-Fi. 3 friends, 2 parents. http://www.amazon.com/SanDisk-Type-C-Smartphones-Tablets-SDDDC-032G-G46/dp/B00V62XBY8
  25. PumaXCS

    120g ssd $35 amazon!

    Shouldn't we be scared of Toshiba? I sure am.