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    Core i7 4790K
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    Asus Z97 Wifi AC
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    16gb Kingston Hyper X
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    Nvidia Gtx 980 x2
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    Phantex Enthoo Evolv ATX
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    Samsung 840 series
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    EVGA SuperNOVA 750W
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    Custom loop
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    Corsair K65 RGB
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    Logitech G502
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    Windows 10

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  1. About 6 months ago I upgraded my system from 16 to 32gigs of RAM. My machine is ITX so I needed a 2 stick kit, limiting my options and greatly increasing the price of the upgrade. After pulling the trigger on a kit of 3200 speed Hyper X Fury I realised that my combination of an H370 board and 8700 non-k meant I would be limited to 2666MHZ anyway. I didn't think too much about this until I realised a month or so ago that the decent speed and reasonable price was at sacrifice of fairly crappy timings: - XMP Profile 1: 3200 CL18-21-21 - XMP Profile 2: 2933 CL17-19-19
  2. Sorry for the late reply. Other than making this post I never really did any more reading into what caused the issue. I'm still super fascinated by what caused the problem, but no, I never found a sure fire solution.
  3. I was testing file transfer speeds to and from my NAS today using a USB to gigabit Ethernet adaptor plugged into my old Surface Pro 3 and seeing a rock solid 110MB/s, however when using either one of my motherboard's Realtek and Intel ports (Asus B360-I Gaming) or even the same USB Ethernet adaptor, I can never get over 90MB/s on my desktop? (plugged into the exact same cable) It's definitely not a drive issue as my desktop is fully solid state (860 EVO, 850 EVO and 850 Pro) and I got exactly the same speed copying to/from any of the three drives. Does anyone have any t
  4. My girlfriend noticed a dead/stuck pixel on her monitor this afternoon, photo attached. It was super blatant on any light content, and even had a shadow around it. It persisted all afternoon but after we got back from dinner and she woke her system back up and reached the Windows lock screen there was no sign of it. We were both very relieved until we noticed that the second she had logged back in it had returned?! Understanding it must not be the monitor we did a full restart of the computer (the pixel came back to life again on the shutting down screen) and since then it has been compl
  5. 6 cores/12 threads is about all I am able to cool in my current rig haha Some of the Ryzen stuff does look super enticing though, just hard to know how I would go cooling it given how unreliable TDP is for comparisons.
  6. Just got a 32Gb kit of Hyper X fury rated at 3200MHz, and despite having the 3200MHz XMP profile applied, it only runs at 2666. I tried both setting the XMP profile and then manually setting the speed to 3200MHz, but when I do so I fail to post. I am running an 8700 on an H370-I Gaming board from Asus. Any tips would be appreciated.
  7. When I built my new machine I turned my old 4790k based rig into a NAS. Because of the arrangement in my current apartment I have no had to pay for power up until now, but as I am moving soon I am concerned about what a 4790k running 24/7 will do to my power bill haha I understand that when the CPU is running at idle it is going to be running very slowly and drawing little power anyway, but are there any key settings I could change to actually make a difference to my idle power consumption? I am even playing with the idea of swapping out the CPU to something much s
  8. Haha If only... I have read as many of your SFX PSU reviews as I can find, but have there been any units that really stood out to you during testing?
  9. I have an i7 8700 and a 1080ti in a DanCase A4 SFX being powered by a Silverstone SX650-G. When I am gaming, my CPU fan (Noctua L9i) and GPU fans (card is a FTW3) are whisper quiet, but the power supply is super loud in comparison. I know I can't expect too much from an SFX unit, but has anyone had any experience modding a quieter fan onto the SX650-G or are simply aware of a PSU that runs much quieter?
  10. Recently turned my old desktop into a NAS, motherboard is a z97 Pro Wifi AC. Running Windows Server 2016 Datacenter which I got a free of copy through university. However, the combination of consumer hardware and Windows Server has resulted in a non-functional LAN port. Can anyone recommend me a generic driver or some other troubleshooting method to get it working? Failing that, I would love recommendations for a PCIE based network card that would work for me. Thanks.
  11. Hmmm ok, unsure how I am going to get my hands on a second PSU, but will certainly keep that in mind.
  12. An EVGA SuperNOVA 750W G2, bought in January of 2015. From reading sites like JonnyGuru, I am under the impression it's a pretty good unit.
  13. So I was just playing the Witcher 3, which puts a reasonably heavy load on my 4790k and two GTX980s when my system suddenly shutoff and restarted. I was greeted with the well documented 'Asus Anti-Surge was triggered to protect system from unstable power supply unit' warning. I reset my CPU overclock, and booted back into Windows, but within seconds of getting back into the Witcher 3 it shut off again, with the same warning. I have not touched my system in months, so this is completely out of the blue, and seems to be an issue most commonly with new builds, which mine c