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  1. 100 degree idle Kraken X52

    There have been some faulty Asetek cooler mounts lately. The mounting bolts don't screw down into the mounting plate quite far enough. Try pushing down on the c ooler and seeing if your temps normalize. Kraken is a much better cooler than the corsair in my opinion.
  2. This was not my first time watercooling. In fact it wasn't even close. Other people have also had similar issues with this case although not to the extend mine was. This case is not suitable for watercooling. The airflow is really bad and top radiators are unable to vent the heat without nodding the panel or removing it. This has been confirmed by prefessuonal builders over the last year. So maybe you should look around before you insult someone.
  3. Floatplane vs Bitwit Ultra

    I am not sure I am a fan of where this is going. I was under the impression that Floatplane would be an all included service like Vessel was. Having to pay 3, 4, 5 whatever per channel will quickly make it prohibitively expensive. Now if they plan to do this and add an option where everything is included then that is different. But I don't like the way this is looking right now.
  4. I personally would go with the Maximus X Hero. Both have great specs but the sad fact is that I have had far more issues with Gigabyte boards than Asus ones.
  5. That is my feelings on it right now. It lacks a bit of the external styling that I prefer on the Evolv but makes up for it in spades with the airflow and temps. Honwely I would give it about a 7.5-8/10 on external looks and a 9.5/10 on internal layout and overall build quality. And don't forget you have the ability to put 5 SSDs and 2 3.5 HDDs or 9 SSds in the system. That is a lot of storage in a case this sized. 4.4Ghz at 1.35 Volts. GPU is set to increase power and thermals but not currently OCed.
  6. So I have finished up my build for now. Until I have done a bit more testing I am not going to switch over to a Custom loop. However initial impression on using the case for a few days is favorable. I am having a bit of an issue with the Smart Device controlling my fans. However I had the same problem with a Grid+ V2 back in the day so I think it might be something I am overlooking. So for the moment I am controlling all the fans off the Kraken X62. I have already reached out to NZXT and we are diagnosing where the issue is. Build looks ok for a non custom system. I am not going to finalize the cable management and cable training until I decide on the final loop. I did go ahead and replace the fans with Noctua Industrial versions as I said I planned too. And eventually I will order white corners for them as well. Biggest single annoyance is that I have to bring the 24 pin cable over the Bar to reach the board. I may be able to fix this by removing the bar, then installing the cable and then replacing the bar. But I will figure that out later I really prefer the Hue+ lighting over MB controlled lighting. You have individually addressable LEDs and can do a bit more with it. Plus I think the light just looks a bit better than my Cablemod strips in my other build. CPU is a 6850K and GPU is an EVGA 1080Ti FTW3. Temps in the case have been good. So far this is my Max Temp on the CPU and GPU. This was after about 2 hours of playing FF14 right into an hour or so of Wolfenstein 2. So not too bad for an air cooled system. So far I am thinking this is THE case to go with if you don't want a huge case but want a lot of components and an EATX Mobo. It is tight but not so much so that you can't do the build easily.
  7. Best GPU to go with ryzen 5 1600

    I have a 1080Ti paired with my 1600X. No issues here.
  8. And as an Update. If you aren't an idiot like myself and actually RTFM, you will find out that the cable bar can be moved forward to accommodate larger Motherboards. It is a single screw to do it.
  9. This is a very Valid point. 200 is steep for a case in today's market. I think they are banking on people who want an all in one solution for lighting and fans. So instead of using up one or two motherboard light headers (if your board has them) and then a number of fan headers with cables going everywhere, you just have a single USB 2.0 internal header. My guess is that they will end up doing exactly what you said in 6 months or less, although probably at the 150-160 price point which would put it on the level of the 570X and similar cases. I like the simplicity of a single point of contact for Fan and Light control. But one thing that would have been nice was a header to connect their Kraken AIOs into. Make it truly a single point solution and not have to use another USB header.
  10. Since there has been a lot of talk about this case the last couple weeks I though I would give my opinion of the case upon first look. I came home from work to see this on my door. Nice box but not exactly subtle sitting on my front step!. Also please forgive the condition of the concrete. I know I need to pressure wash before it gets really cold. Opening the box I found it to be packaged pretty much normal for an NZXT case. Open cell foam that is great to protect these in shipping and won't scratch them up. Pretty sure you could have played rugby with it and been ok. Construction is extremely solid. It feels more solid to me than the S340 for sure. And while it doesn't feel bigger you have more room to work in it for sure. The first thing I really like is the top Radiator mount. It is removable which makes mounting AIOs and other radiators much easier. It is also recessed quite a bit, giving you over 1 1/2 inch from the top of the radiator mount to where the top panel will mount.This combine with the large and numerous air holes should provide plenty of ventilation. I may see aobut mounting the fans or Rad above the mount, however I think that may end up choking off airflow. I am a bit concerned about Radiator clearance with large memory such as Trident Z, but wont' know still I start my build tomorrow. Distance from the back of the case to the Cable management/Res mounting bar is 10.5 inches. They advertise a maximum motherboard size of 272mm (10.7 inches) which means it should fit an EATX board like the Rampage and Zenith series from Asus. But it looks like it is going to be a tight fit. It is worth noting however that there is just under an inch of clearance between the bar and the case. Meaning that the board should fit under it. Not sure how this will do with a GPU however. Radiator clearance on the front is good and with clean lines. Forgot to take a picture with the tape, but you get just under 3 inches between the fans and start of the internals of the case. So plenty of room for even a thick Rad or push pull on a normal radiator. Also there is a well placed and modular Hard drive cage in the basement. This can be moved forward and backwards drastically. And it appears you could fit a second drive cage in here if you wanted too by moving this one all the way forward and putting another next to it. I am not a huge fan of the Fan and Light controller location. It is behind the Cable management bar at the top of the case. Not visible butleaves a few cable showing that I feel could be hidden better. I may move it eventually. The fan splitters are all 4 pin so you can control PWM fans unlike the old GRIDs. I plan to switch all the NZXT fans out for Noctua Industrial models when I do the build. Unlike a lot of people on here I am actually a fan of the CAM software so I see this module as a Plus. There is a pre installed LED strip at the top of the case and it comes with a lead to install other NZXT LEDs, and since I used to run a Hue+ I have a number of those laying around. I will note that at first glance this appears to be a single header LED controller unlike the stand alone Hue+ so you are more limited on how many strips you can control, assuming it has the same 4 strip restriction the old one did. Finally you have right at an inch of room in the back for Cable management. Along with the very interesting cable routing channels I think even my cables will look good when I am done. Overall my initial impression are very good. And if this case does indeed fit my board it may well be the case I have been asking manufactures to make for quite some time now. The last case to have me this Excited was the Phanteks Evolv ATX which ended up being a huge disappointment due to airflow constraints. I don't see the same issue happening here due to the way NZXT has done the panels. I am going to start the system with an AIO cooled 6850K and an Air cooled EVGA 1080Ti FTW3. I will then evaluate the case for open Loop water cooling and go from there. If I think that it will work well I plan on doing a 360 in the front and either a 280 or 360 up top depending on the MB/RAM clearance. Sorry for the long post but this case seems to be getting a lot of attention so I though I would post my initial observations for others wondering about it.
  11. NZXT H700i - Is it worth?

    I can let you know tomorrow when mine gets delivered.
  12. Looks like these are in stock now on NZXTs web site.
  13. Have not tried to boot from a SATA disk. Tried a different PSU Rampage V Edition 10 6850K 64Gb G.Skill TridentZ 3200 Quad channel memory running at 2600. Samsung 960 Evo NVME boot drive. 4 x 500Gb 850 Evos in Raid. 2 x 1TB 850 Evos in Raid. Asus Thunderbolt 3 card. EVGA 1080TI FTW3 EVGA G2 1000P Power Supply. Currently running Air cooling on the GPU and a Kraken X62 on the CPU until I get this figured out and feel comfortable hooking my Loop back up to it.
  14. I am putting this in this section because I am 99% sure it is Mobo related. Most times when I do a cold boot on my system it will go strait into the Bios. No errors, no problems. I just never get a windows boot screen. I have to restart the system multiple times to finally get into windows. Sometimes going as far as to turn the PSU completely off. This never happens on a simple restart. Relevant parts are as follows. Rampage V Edition 10 6850K Samsung 960 Evo NVME boot drive. Asus Thunderbolt 3 card. System is overclocked and stable but I have tried resetting to factory defaults and the issue still persists.
  15. The Water Cooling Gallery

    Just use quality dyes made for Watercooling. Mayhems, EK, Primochill, etc. Do not try to use food coloring, Ritt, or other similar consumer dyes.