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    KWelz reacted to Falkentyne in YOUR STRIX 3090 WILL FAIL RMA IT NOW (Missing thermal pads,Fan noise,Coil whine)   
    I'll be waiting for your next thread when you rip eVGA with a pitchfork and start telling everyone to buy Zotac or MSI, after your FTW3 3090 dies with the red LED light of death while playing Halo or League of Legends.
    The Strix is the best non LN2 card on the market once you properly thermal pad it.  It has the highest internal power rail limits once you shunt mod the card (avoids MSVDD throttling in Timespy Extreme, unlike all other reference / FE cards that are shunt modded).
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    KWelz reacted to emosun in YOUR STRIX 3090 WILL FAIL RMA IT NOW (Missing thermal pads,Fan noise,Coil whine)   
    If you have a problem then contact a moderator
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    KWelz reacted to Zilla in YOUR STRIX 3090 WILL FAIL RMA IT NOW (Missing thermal pads,Fan noise,Coil whine)   
    Yes i think i bloody found it guys 🙂 F you asus and your crappy thermal pads making me think i am crazy (all cards have small coil whine but this is a special kind of coil whine that's hard to get across until it happens to you)
    The smoking gun is this picture and the sound is coming right from it, i think its a gddr6 chip that is vibrating. Wont be the cause of natural coil whine but might be causing it too be louder than normal) what do you think?
    So RMA time then GG, 1 pissed off customer, 1 card almost working and a butt ton of time wasted because you cant cut pads right???

    I should check for more pads.
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    KWelz reacted to emosun in YOUR STRIX 3090 WILL FAIL RMA IT NOW (Missing thermal pads,Fan noise,Coil whine)   
    Coil whine isn't really an issue with .... well anything. It's highly subjective.

    Coil whine noise , much like road noise with offroad tires , is pretty normal. I actually had to really turn up my audio and to be honest I can barely hear it in your video.

    Coil whine could be perceived as loud by someone who only ever hears silence in their home. While it can be almost non existent to someone who's home has a loud furnace. The card isn't really made to be a card that you use in a library computer. It's made to move a ton of data. If the noise bothers you I'd highly recommend headphones as coil whine itself , can be caused by dozens of different things , none of which are an actual problem.
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    KWelz got a reaction from jwwagner25 in AMD Stock Issue   
    That is assuming you Trust Userbenchmark, which you should not. 

    There is a lot more that goes into performance and this doesn't show anything. 
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    KWelz reacted to Spotty in Userbenchmark.com benchmarking competition   
    Thread locked.
    While this has been an interesting discussion about Userbenchmark, a benchmarking contest it is not.
    No trolling or flame-bait. This includes topics such as AMD vs NVIDIA, "company X sucks", and religious debates Having a competition encouraging AMD and Intel users compete against each other isn't really a good idea, and will only end in flame wars between fanboys of either brand - especially when you are basing the competition on a benchmarking tool that is perceived as being heavily biased towards one brand.
    Telling people to stop replying to a thread because you don't like what they're saying won't work. If people feel that the rules of the competition are unfair then they are welcome to discuss that, and trying to silence people from talking about it won't make those concerns go away.
    Considering how this thread and your previous benchmarking thread went, it should be obvious that the community here isn't interested in participating in your benchmarking contests. Perhaps you will have more success with this in another community.
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    KWelz reacted to For Science! in Userbenchmark.com benchmarking competition   
    It's obvious to me that the CPU-z thread was much better received than this one, what happened to the other thread? Why not just go back to a benchmarking app that is a bit less controversial?
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    KWelz reacted to For Science! in Userbenchmark.com benchmarking competition   
    I know this guy is likely not linked to UB, he really just wants to be the center of some benchmarking thread, trying it not so long ago with a cpu-z “challenge”. He just doesn’t deal well with critisicism and gets quite defensive quite quickly and ends up where things end up.
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    KWelz reacted to Storm-Chaser in Userbenchmark.com benchmarking competition   
    LOL I will be forced to bring out the heavy artillery if I have to guys, especially if this tide stays high like this for a long time. We will turn that smile of yours... well you get the idea. You will be disappointed, to say the least.
    Funny how not a single one of you have produced a shred of evidence. If you have a scintilla of evidence beyond a youtube video of two propeller heads getting dummy, gullible people brainwashed and talking out of.. lets just say a very dark space. Obviously his partner in crime wasn't getting paid off for bashing that day, that's why when asked the question he gave the exact opposite response to what his co-host was hoping for. That's awkward! Arent they both experts? What gives?
    Since we have multiple offenders who refuse to let this rest and expose the fraud that means to destroy user benchmark because it comprises their marketing strategies. So buckle up fellas.
    He didn't actually put his foot in his mouth, but you are right it was very close. Egg on face? no, he has enough of that in the breakfast sandwich. 
    So you call me a troll, LOL, yet you are the one who refuses to follow the rules? I politely asked you not to post at all. If you want to push through the idle to cut left and blast through the beer cave to get out of there, more power to you!
    In my opinion, the existence of a "show off my benchmark" site would do exactly the opposite; try and put people down and make them feel like they need to upgrade to keep up with the joneses, not feel like they should stick with the same hardware.
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    KWelz reacted to D13H4RD in Userbenchmark.com benchmarking competition   
    They're not even good at shilling for Intel. 
    A Core i3 10100 being better than a 10900K. Gimme a break... 
  11. Funny
    KWelz reacted to Dtx1 in Linus should stop his $GME "Investment"   
    Okay guys, we all had fun at the WAN Show right now, especially seeing Linus squeal. He thought he'd be in for $10K at most and could ride it out as a meme. $50K is not chump change and who knows if this publicity stunt he just accidentally did couldn't be construed as market manipulation.

    I don't think it's funny anymore and I would accept a "OK, I fucked up" from Linus, followed by a more reasonable donation to a charity. I don't want to see LTT or Linus get F-ed by some oversight body he didn't know existed and I would still enjoy his content and believe in his integrity if he bowed out of this mess. There are real jobs, real people, real lives involved and as much as i want to stick it to the big hedgefond guys i don't find it funny to see LTT or Linus get sucked into this.
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    KWelz reacted to Analog in Userbenchmark.com benchmarking competition   
    I literally don't know what to say after reading this. 😄 
    Userbenchmark is not a true benchmark, although it has that in the name. 
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    KWelz reacted to SpookyCitrus in Userbenchmark.com benchmarking competition   
    A Userbenchmark competition just isn't fair or fun, it has skewed results(and to be honest a lot of the time(who am I kidding, all the time) is pretty inaccurate), it's been proven numerous times. If this were a 3DMark competition or an in-game benchmark competition I could see it as being fun and more entertaining. A lot of us have been around for awhile in this industry(a lot of people on here even professionally). And most of us that have been, especially those in the IT or Computer Science fields know exactly how UB does their thing. 
    While I get what you're trying to do if this "friendly" competition is all you want, there are much better benchmarking and testing tools that are more accurate and to be honest just much more entertaining. And just a heads up you seem to be giving UB a lot of high praise for someone who is in no way endorsing or raving about it. Just saying. This whole thing just screams bait post.
  14. Funny
    KWelz reacted to Storm-Chaser in Userbenchmark.com benchmarking competition   
    Considering this online benchmarking software is free, readily available and fast to run, I highly recommend anyone reading this to please give it a chance for the sake of interest-- just download the benchmark (link below) and run it. Takes all of about one minute. After that, post your scores up. Take snip shots if you want to show off a notable result. Or take a screenshot of your entire screen, just make sure it's clearly visible for me when the time comes to port the data into a leaderboard. Your sub will not be counted unless you follow simple protocol in listing the hyperlink to your userbenchmark.com benchmark results. If you have notable or impressive results you can take snips of those results as well and post them right along with your userbenchmark.com hyperlink.

    Download Link:
    User-Benchmark gets a bad rap by some in the tech community! There is no denying that. I think most of that is unwarranted though. At the very least, that criticism will not diminish the competitive nature of this this friendly benchmark competition in the least. If you can cut through all the BS you'll actually see that it has extensive and comprehensive (user driven) stats on even the latest tech hardware, allowing for detailed performance comparisons between rigs and specific hardware choices. More information on exactly how userbenchmark assesses / determines your systems performance can be found later in the thread as we move forward.

    Scoring metrics:
    Actual scoring of the competition will be determined by looking at your overall percentile rank, as determined by userbenchmark. In example:

    You can compete for highest percentile rank overall, plus you can also compete for specific hardware in specific categories, if you wish.

    Please follow a general layout like this
    -Provide a hyperlink to your benchmark result
    -Provide a little background information on your rig or your specific overclock, if you'd like
    -Any other relevant info you think we should know about your system

    Leaderboard entries, listed below, are color coded to make for easy comparisons:

    Blue = Team Intel
    Red = Team AMD

    Orange = 100th percentile Results (top marks)
    Green = Honorable Mentions
    Basically, if it's in a different color or bold, it's a notable result...

    A couple pointers to de-mystify this experience:
    *In listing the effective CPU speed above in the leaderboard, know that it is being measured relative to a 9900K 8 core CPU.
    *In other words, the 8 core 9900K is the CPU performance baseline and the standard to which all other CPUs are measured. (9900K = 100%)
    *The Nvidia RTX 2060 super is the GPU performance baseline to which all other GPUs are measured. (RTX 2060s = 100%)
    *The Samsung 850 Pro is the SSD performance baseline to which all other SSDs are measured. (850 Pro = 100%)
    *Dual channel DDR4 RAM running at 3000 MHz on a Skylake chip = 100% (so this configuration is the memory baseline to which all other memory is compared)

    So, effective speed is a (global) comparison, contrasting your CPU 's performance to everything else on the market (example: your CPU vs the world), in other words, grading your processors performance relative to all other CPUs on the market.
    Percentile score/result refers to how well your particular hardware does within its own class. (example: your CPU vs all other identical CPU benchmarks in the userbenchmark.com database). In other words, grading your processors performance within it's own class. This is done with your GPU, SSD and memory as well, and both of these results are listed in the same category, as seen below.
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    KWelz reacted to Spotty in LTT discord server bans me for no reason!   
    The forum is not the discord so we can't offer any explanation for why you were banned or muted in the discord. The message you posted shows you were temporarily muted for 5 minutes back in September of last year. If you have any further questions direct them to the LTT Discord moderation team.
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    KWelz reacted to yaboistar in X570 Motherboard not compatible with rtx 3070   
    frankly it's on the gpu manufacturer to take these sorts of things into account and not just design for their own testbed systems, but good luck getting them to ever admit it
  17. Agree
    KWelz got a reaction from KnightSirius in AMD Stock Issue   
    That is assuming you Trust Userbenchmark, which you should not. 

    There is a lot more that goes into performance and this doesn't show anything. 
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    KWelz reacted to Morris_lee_9116 in Noctua Passive Cooler Enters Production   
    cool, let me just slap 5x 200MM noctua fan on it and we are all set
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    KWelz got a reaction from Frandesktop in What are those materials and do I need new ones?   
    I assumed the stuff in the 1st one was a destroyed thermal pad.  They can sometimes crumble like that.  However if there appears to be ones for all the memory modules you should be fine.   As I said, they are in pretty poor shape but if they are not completely dried out they should still work.  
    This thread may help you also
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    KWelz got a reaction from Frandesktop in What are those materials and do I need new ones?   
    Those are thermal pads.  Looks like the one off the memory is shot.  That one at least needs to be replaced.  All of them look to be pretty rough.   
    DO NOT use normal thermal paste.  It won't work for this application.  
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    KWelz reacted to r3m0 in 3rd Gen Epyc Specs & Benchmarks leaked!   
    It seems that the 3rd Gen Ryzen goodness doesn't end at mainstream level (obviously) but no one knew when it was gonna come, that is until now.
    My thoughts
    Another Holy $h!t video with Linus? Can't wait!
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    KWelz reacted to piratemonkey in James from Rockit Cool doesn't want to send my 7980xe back   
    this is a fun read
  23. Funny
    KWelz reacted to SteveGrabowski0 in Order of 1000 PS5(s) is taken down by retailer   
    Could always troll them






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    KWelz reacted to LAwLz in "Exclusive: Why Apple M1 Single "Core" Comparisons Are Fundamentally Flawed (With Benchmarks)"   
    Ah yes, Usman Pirzada. The person who is really salty his favorite company is now being beat by Apple so he post article after article, tweet after tweet, grasping at straws for why anything showing the M1 in good light is invalid.
    For those who do not want to give WCCFTech any clicks (since they don't deserve it), the claims the article makes is that since Intel and AMD have SMT, it is unfair to do single core tests against the M1 which do not have SMT.
    "It's unfair to run a benchmark which only executes on one thread on a CPU that could run two threads on a single core" is the argument. There, saved you a click.
    The problem with that argument is that if a program only has one thread, then it won't care that your CPU could execute two threads on a single core. All it cares about is per thread performance. If you change the wording from "per core performance" to "per thread performance" all of Usman's arguments fall flat on their face.
    But like I said, since his favorite company is threatened he has to grasp at straws and go
    Except you know... when people say single core score they generally mean single threaded score. Hell, Windows and other schedulers even sees each thread as an individual core. So single thread and single core performance are interchangeable words even though WCCFTech tries to make the argument that they are completely different and therefore people should stop saying Apple has the best single core performance.
    They "prove" this then by running a benchmark at two threads for the x86 chips, and one thread for the M1 tests. Yeah... Totally fair comparison... In some tests he didn't even care to run them, he just straight up took AMD and Intel scores, added 30% to the score and went "herp derp this is their true single core score, not what the benchmark actually shows".
    This comment summed it up really well:
    Stop reading WCCFTech. 
    It really is a garbage website. The people over there have very little technical understanding of the things they cover, and most of their content is either rumors they saw on Twitter, or stuff like this where they deliberately try to stir up a controversy to get clicks both from people desperate to find some reason to say "Apple bad" (or whichever company they are covering) and from people who feel like they have to jump in and defend Apple (or whichever company they are covering).
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    KWelz reacted to Lord Vile in NZXT H1   
    Lol fair enough, I’m only at 1080p so GPU thermals shouldn’t be an issue