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  1. I don't think anyone, including the chip and car manufacturers, disagree with you. I think the "timely manner" part is the crux of it.....many of the electronic designs in your car are at least a quarter of a century old, and I think the overall point is that they're now facing the other side of the "long tail of reliability" coin.
  2. Summary Chip manufacturers are pointing out (and working with) to the automotive industry that they need to update the design of the electronics they use in their cars, as setting up to manufacture higher volumes of old designs simply isn't worth it Quotes My thoughts Even as someone who messes around with cars and technology, it's surprising to me how obvious this is now that it's been pointed out. Car manufacturers are the epitome of "if it ain't broke don't fix it" as far as production costs go. Add to that the very high bar they require for resiliency
  3. Whilst I use Office 365 and so have my own Exchange server which gives me everything I need and some piece of mind, I've found Outlook.com to be rock solid for secondary email accounts.
  4. They're pretty different in price though right? I pay what, $3 a month for FP, and YTP is like $50 a month or something?
  5. I've asked this on a bunch of forums, but no one has been able to give me a decent answer beyond "Yay/Boo Apple/Google". When updating the same app on an Android and iOS device, the download size of the updates are different by orders of magnitude. I've had MS Outlook updates for iOS over 1GB, and the same update on Android is less than 100mb. This is consistent across every app I've got on both devices, and I'm just curious. Does an app update on iOS essentially download the entire app and reinstall it? Whereas on Android only the specific "files" that have changed
  6. Oooh good call, thanks. Both iPhone and iPad wifi (when connected to home network) are set to use "automatic" for DNS. The LAN connection on my PCs is similarly not configured to specify anything DNS related, i.e. it's set to use standard DNS servers (it lists IPs though?).
  7. I use MS RDP app on my iphone and iPad to connect to both my home server and gaming PC. I've been doing this for a few years, and it's been great. Works well with touch interface, allows me to control my Plex server, backups etc. I only use it on the local network - no external/remote connectivity is set up. Since I started I've just connected using the PC names of the devices, <Xserver> and <XPC>, no problemo. However a few months ago this stopped working, with the RDP app saying it couldn't find the devices - the same error/message I'd get if the PC was turned off
  8. I've got an old iPhone6 I use as a camera in my track car, but it's stopped connecting to wifi. I initially get the message "incorrect wifi password" when attempting to connect....even though I know the password is 100% correct. Then I get an "unable to connect to wifi network" message. I've: - Reset the router multiple times - Tried connecting to other wifi networks, with the same results - Reset the network settings - Factory reset the phone entirely None of which worked. Is there a diagnostic mode on the iPhone that would allow me to co
  9. Thanks @Applefreak and @LIGISTX, you've kinda confirmed my thoughts, which are to look at going to an NVME boot drive and a Windows reinstall, once I figure out the process for backing up my Plex config (doable, just need to look it up). I made sure I was running dual channel and I double-checked the slots too when I did the build to make sure I was using both the right ones, so I don't think there's a RAM issue, and there's no RAID running anywhere. As you've suggested, I figure an SSD and a fresh Windows is the best bet - thanks for your help
  10. Yeah should have said network activity is never maxed out either, I have gigabit network, and whether RDP onto it from iPad over wifi or via desktop no difference - in fact if I plug in a monitor and KB and use it all directly, i.e. not remotely, it's the same thing.
  11. I recently changed out the core components of my "server", which is primarily used for Plex, to fix some issues and improve performance. I went to the following components: i3 8100 @3.6Ghz 8GB DDR4 @1200Mhz MSI B360M Gaming 6 x HDDs Win10 64 Pro OS and the few apps installed (Plex/Tautulli/Sonarr) are on the C drive. Media files spread throughout the other drives. The issue I have is that when I remote onto the server for maintenance, moving files around etc, everything runs very slow. There's often a delay when clicking a button before the
  12. This to me isn't getting as much coverage as it should - obviously modern cars collect more data than ever before, but the breadth of it is surprising, and the complete lack of privacy controls or standards makes the big tech companies look like model corporate citizens... Jalopnik Summary Original Washington Post Investigation .....a Washington Post investigation that hacked into a 2017 Chevy Volt to see what data the car hoovers up. The answer is: yikes.
  13. I have a very old gaming rig, and whilst I can't afford an upgrade at the moment, I might be forced to as it's intermittently shitting itself/making me want to cry. Figuring out the upgraded components seems pretty straight forward at present (yay for competition), but I would rather not upgrade my case, as it's a solid, roomy old Antec, and I'd rather not spend the money if I don't have to. One question however relates to USB 3/type C - obviously my case's front USB ports are old spec, and so even plugging into USB3 I don't think they'd provide USB3 connectivity (does the end con