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  1. GhostWindGamer

    SSD clone won’t boot

    G’day boys and girls long time no log in, right so I’ve attempted to clone my hdd onto an ssd today using easeUS todo because I’m cheap and after damn near five hours of cloning everything was looking mint, all files where there to view and ready to roll so I thought unfortunately when I went to reboot with the old hdd disconnect it fails to recognise the clone, now I’m ready to set the computer on fire so help would be much appreciated. cheers,
  2. So having finished school last year I have spent the last few months goofing off doing absolutely nothing but now I'm bored and looking for work but no ones hiring! It's bullshit

    1. Bubblewhale


      work on certifications lol 

  3. A bit of Yamaha sexiness for all the bike guys on here. Having ridden both I am absolutely in love with the MT10 it is legitimately the perfect bike it has all the good things of the R1 and none of the drawbacks.
  4. Damn dude that's cool as don't be doing no wheelies tho.... or do I don't care
  5. I like the ute as well it's oh so fun and oh so practical
  6. It's been well over a year since I was last on the LTT forums but it's good to see this thread is still going strong. As far as cars go since I left I've had 3 early Holden's fall into my lap. The ute is a 1978 HZ one tonner with a 253 and a supra five speed The two door is a 1970 LC Torana with a 202 and Aussie four speed The black four door is a 1993 VP SS (Not really an early Holden but it's older than I am) with an injected 304 with an auto
  7. Guess who's back!

    1. TheGhzGuy


      Damn over a year

    2. Tyrone Tech Tits

      Tyrone Tech Tits

      Bogan trash?


      JK Welcome back friendo.

    3. DildorTheDecent
  8. GhostWindGamer

    Astro A40's or Kingston HyperX Cloud's

    So my birthday is next week and I want to pick up a new headset I've narrowed it down to the A40's and the cloud's which pair do you guys think I should get? Cheers
  9. GhostWindGamer

    TP-Link Archer C2 Router Subnet Issues

  10. GhostWindGamer

    I think she's stable.

    I have been to his place and seen it boot on 5ghz but that was when it was way cooler here in Australia
  11. Welcome to 2016 Australia I bid you guys farewell as I do not plan on returning for some time

    1. flibberdipper


      bby plz dont leave

    2. X1XNobleX1X


      You're leaving Australia?

  12. GhostWindGamer

    Explain Skylake to me :)

    what does this mean?
  13. GhostWindGamer

    Is it possible to upgrade internal memory on a Phone?

    Absolutely all you need is some laptop ram and a soldering iron and you have more ram but remember to solder t directly to the battery or it won't work
  14. So I said g'day to SAV1OUR in person today

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    2. melias24



      Makes me sad, that was back when ltt was good

    3. alby800
    4. melias24


      probs centrecom

  15. So I cleaned up my steam friends list. RIP 200 friends if you are from LTT and I unfriended you don't hesitate to add me again

  16. So my dad offered to take me on some dirt riding course to help me become a better rider which is awesome except for the fact that all my gear is a 3 hour drive from my house

  17. Boom! Return of the Christmas ghost only because I copied DIV1D3

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    2. Imabigmac
    3. alby800


      wasn't that from last year?

      or did someone make a new one

    4. DIV1D3


      There's one for this year, I commented on it so it's 100% there. I'm too lazy to do it myself but you guys can go through my reply history, I don't do too much here on LTT anymore so it'll be easy to find.

  18. GhostWindGamer

    GPS Tracker for Motorcycle Suggestions?

    Generally if your bike is in a van or a garage you won't be able to pick up the signal and I know for a fact here in Melbourne some professional bike thief's build faraday cages. So while good in theory not to great in practice.
  19. GG ghetto PC you served me well until rip motherboard

    1. Bubblewhale


      So where's the 4590

    2. Bubblewhale
    3. Jambls


      Aww shame. What plans do you have apart from posting me the CPU?

  20. My ghetto build log coming soon...ish...maybe

    1. DIV1D3


      Coolio, notify us with a status update when you post it aye.

      Also, I need to play with you in CSGO some time.

    2. melias24
    3. altoshyft



      Zip Ties were used heavily