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    8700k @ 5Ghz
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    Maximus X Hero
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    Corsair LPX (2x8 @ 3200mhz)
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    EVGA 1080ti SC Black Edition
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    Phanteks Enthoo Pro M TG
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    Samsung 850 Evo 500gb, ADATA XPG SX900 512gb, Sandisk Ultra Plus 128gb, Kingston V300 120gb
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    Corsair AX860i
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  1. Yeah I don't know either. I'll probably update the thread in a few days when I test the air cooler. I doubt nzxt would actually care enough to open it up if I rma or if they would they won't send me anything. I don't want to ruin the warranty trying to open it myself, so will probably never know what happened.
  2. I reinstalled the paste between the ihs and the cooler, not the liquid metal. Replacing the liquid metal would take a lot more time and I don't have any liquid metal at the moment. Decided to order an air cooler off amazon to check, should know for sure within a few days but I really doubt it is the liquid metal.
  3. The liquid metal is against the ihs, can't really roll off. Gamers nexus did a video on liquid metal after a year and I think they saw little to no difference.
  4. There is no way it is the screws, it was working fine for an entire year then suddenly starts hitting 100c. I tightened it with a screw driver and it is still fugd
  5. The noise is definitely coming from the cooler itself, I don't even have my rad fans connected to cam I just have them connected directly to my mobo and use bios to control them. Even when they are at 0 rpm I can still hear it. As for the noise, don't really know how to explain it. Almost nonexistent sound on silent then a clear noise of the pump doing something on performance. Guess it could also be something else within the cooler other than the pump
  6. Pretty sure the screws aren't the issue, I reinstalled it when I reapplied the thermal paste earlier and nothing changed.
  7. I'm pretty sure my kraken x62 died within the last few days, just wanted to ask and try and get confirmation. I've been using my 8700k at 5ghz with liquid metal and a copper ihs since around last may and my temps have never gone above ~60-65. I noticed my fans were really loud today so i checked and my temps are at 100c and my cpu is throttling while stress testing in p95 and xtu. I can't feel any warm air coming from the radiator after stress testing for like 3 minutes so I'm guessing the pump might be dead. For some reason cam still gives me rpm numbers and I can change between profiles and it says the rpm has changed, and I can clearly hear a difference between performance and silent mode so don't really know what to think. I tried changing my thermal paste earlier today and nothing changed Dx
  8. Will probably just rma it, it's only like 6 months old h8 2 c it
  9. Set the fans to 0rpm and still makes noise. Definitely the cooler itself Dx
  10. Was playing vidya last night and my power went out. Ever since my kraken x62 has been making a high pitch noise near the end of the radiator where the tubing is. Anyone ever had this issue before or know if a power outage can damage an aio?
  11. Already re-installed it so I can't really provide any pictures, it looked like rust and I showed it to my friend and he agreed xD. I guess it doesn't really matter because rmaing it regardless but was just wondering if anyone else has ever had/thought they had rust in a screw hole on an aio
  12. One of the screw holes on my h110i is covered in rust, anyone else ever have this? xDD Ig Second time rmaing soon as the pump seems to be damaged as well Dx
  13. Yeah I know they are much quieter, I didn't ask that. I'm only wondering what the performance difference is. The h55 is also a much older pump and a smaller rad so not really comparable xDD I have nfa14s as all my case fans now. Also planning on upgrading to an 8700k so I wanted to make sure it will be cool with an oc xDD
  14. Was wondering if anyone knows the temperature difference is between the newest h110i from corsair and the NH D15 with x2 fans is. My h110i has been loud as fug and is starting to fail, rmaing it but wanted an air cooler to use during the rma process. If this performs around the same prob just not going to use the new h110i when it comes xDDDD
  15. I was basing it working on the assumption reviewers wouldn't lie about the compatibility of a 280mm rad in the case. If it doesn't work then I won't buy it. Thanks for the help.