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  2. nicklmg

    Acer Totally Missed the Mark

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  3. A brand typically gets an opportunity to view something before it goes live - this is true of sponsored content across any channel (even off-YouTube - Instagram etc.). With that said, they are providing feedback not instructions - we then take that feedback and determine what can/cannot be changed, give them reasons why we refuse to remove or change certain portions of a video, etc. It's far from a simple process, which many people seem to miss - it's not like we just get a script from a brand and read it. We are always trying to make the most legitimate piece of content we can, within the constraints of whatever relationship we have with the brand in question. Anything that says "sponsored by" is a paid piece. The purpose of that disclosure is to ensure that it's clear to the audience that money has changed hands in the creation of that content. It's also important to remember that sponsored videos on our channel are specifically NOT reviews. They're projects or overviews. A brand buys airtime on the channel, not opinions. That's a very sacred designation to us - we do not sign any contracts that would force any member of our team to say something they don't personally believe or agree with. If we say something is good/cool/etc. in a sponsored piece, it's because we actually think it's good/cool. And we'll always do our best to include any criticism we might have within the piece, even if it's sponsored. If anyone takes something away from the piece, I hope it's this - brands buy airtime on our channel(s), not opinions.
  4. Not trying to be dismissive, but it's just the internet man people say a lot of stuff here, gotta let it roll off your back. Certainly not the worst thing that's ever been said about us, whether it's accurate or not.
  5. Nothing that he said went against any rules. People are allowed to have an opinion that differs from ours. I don't agree with his opinion - I don't think we're selling out by doing this type of content, and we're certainly not misleading anyone as the relationships that we have with brands are clearly and conspicuously called out verbally and through text (we're not trying to "disguise" it as anything - it's a sponsored video and we clearly say so). But he's allowed to express his opinion. To be absolutely clear - you don't have to be "careful" about saying ANYTHING around us here. If you say something that goes against forum rules the mods will take care of it, as they always do. But you're more than welcome to express opinions about us and our business. If we think that you're wrong, we can respond to you and we're always happy to provide our side of the story when we feel like it would be beneficial to do so. But we don't silence people for saying something negative about us on this forum.
  6. Nothing is disguised here. It says in the description and right at the beginning of the video that it's sponsored by Sony. Linus also calls it out verbally.
  7. Sure, but my response wasn't directed to them, it was directed to you. I was responding to your point, not theirs. My response to the "there are too many of them" point isn't necessarily a popular one, which is why I tend not to give it in most cases. We're a business - as our success grows, our opportunities grow, and logically we try to find a way to take advantage of those opportunities while having a minimal negative impact on all other aspects of our business. Showcase videos, as extra releases, are one of the solutions we've found that (in our minds) do that, as most brands in Q4 are looking for full videos rather than mentions within other content. I get that some people hate it. I'm not saying they're wrong to hate it, or that they don't have a point. But from my perspective we're doing a lot to try to still provide the best viewing experience we can while also improving our success as a business.
  8. Sony - extra release, 2nd video coming tonight at midnight Facebook - extra release, Friday @ noon (non-standard release time) Viewsonic - this one was a standard video because the team thought it was a pretty strong release. It also took much more time & effort than most videos to produce, so it doesn't really line up with the "they're easy videos" argument Insta360 - extra release, Friday @ noon You're just proving my point so... thanks!
  9. Eh... we do try to do the showcase videos only as "extra" content, which makes them specifically not easy videos as they're just extra work. Eg. in this case we have another video publishing at midnight tonight which is "saturday's standard video," for Facebook it was released Friday at noon which is our typical showcase spot as Friday's standard video is WAN show.
  10. Thanks Sony for sponsoring this video! Check out their HT-Z9F sound bar at http://bit.ly/HTZ9F_LTT
  11. nicklmg

    I could have DIED

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  14. Apparently we've looked into it and they passed the sniff test:
  15. Is that wooden thing a bluetooth speaker or something? Very cool to see someone from the forum win one of these!! Kinda wish I had one of those water bottles, honestly...