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  1. This is the kind of post that really helps us realize that what we're doing here actually matters - that it's more than just "a bunch of immature idiots sitting around making videos." (well it is that too, but still ) Sorry to hear about the troubles, but I'm very glad to hear that you're back on track and that we had some small part in that. Thank you for sharing your story!
  2. That's a sick table! Nice pieces overall. Yeah like I said I certainly feel your pain there
  3. That's possible. Beanbag chairs aren't typically a thing that many adults have here in North America, but these were ordered in bulk from China so not really sure if that would factor in or not. I think you may have hit the nail on the head with "something I see no value in." If you're only looking at it as "that thing that my dimwitted college friend had in their dorm that spilled beans wherever he/she went," then it's tough to see past the stereotype that you're imposing on a product. There are many things in life that some will grow out of and others will continue for years or maybe even for their whole lives. I think this is one of those things - it's not for you, but that doesn't mean that someone has to be immature or "in a phase" to have a beanbag chair in their house. And if you look at it as a piece of furniture - which it is - then a couple hundred bucks is actually very, very reasonable. I spent literally thousands of dollars on a few pieces of furniture for my place last year. It's insane, but if you want something that will last you have to pay primo prices. I'd say it's more like buying a Logitech mouse over a MadCatz mouse than a Mac vs PC - both serve exactly the same purpose, just one is from a better seller, is probably designed better, and is likely to last as long as you need it to.
  4. I'm not sure if it would fit as a standard bag on an airplane. Maybe Colton can advise. I don't see why it wouldn't be fine for you to just take the sleeve, but again I'm not 100% sure and hopefully Colton can advise.
  5. Hope you're trolling. High quality bean bags are very expensive, just like any other piece of furniture. Look up Lovesac and you'll see what I mean. No, you're buying the product. There is very little markup on these, and markup that is there is intended to cover the cost of getting them to us rather than due to the fact that it has our logo on it. In my experience border patrol is usually chill as long as your story checks out and you don't try to hide anything. Tell them what you're going up for, declare the value, show receipts, and you're usually fine. You have to factor in quality when you're comparing one product to another. The ones we're selling are essentially actual pieces of furniture, designed to be durable. Those Amazon ones will break in a week or less for anyone larger than a child and will probably be uncomfy AF.
  6. Buy OnePlus 5: Amazon: OnePlus: The OnePlus One really shook up the mobile industry... but in their FIFTH iteration, has OnePlus still found a way to stand out from the pack?
  7. Don't get me wrong, I certainly see where you're coming from - it's a very different look at Core i9 in general than the last video was. But that is by design. The main difference here is that this isn't a speculative piece about Intel's direction as a company or their marketing strategy - it's an evaluation of the performance of a physical chip that we have in our office. And whether we like their direction as a company or not, it's a badass piece of hardware with badass performance. That's why the review was relatively positive - if you have unlimited money to spend, it's probably the best "enthusiast" chip that you can buy on the market today. It's not about offending us, it's about being truthful and ensuring accuracy of information when commenting. Your comment had the potential to severely misinform someone who hadn't yet watched the video, not just about the content of the video itself, but on our position as a review outlet. That's a dangerous thing, and shouldn't be taken as lightly as most people tend to take it these days. Either way, thanks for the follow-up. Once you watch our Threadripper content you should have the full story about our thoughts on this market segment in general. I'm looking forward to checking out what AMD will bring to the table
  8. Annotations are no longer available on YouTube. We've added a card linking to this thread, which is actually better than an annotation would have been since it is available on all platforms including mobile.
  9. It kinda seems like you didn't pay close attention while watching the video... (or maybe you didn't watch until the conclusion I guess, but then I'd be questioning why you're commenting on the video at all...) Either way, here's our conclusion, word for word: "So 7900X then? Great performance, and compared to Broadwell-E, GREAT price. Great release then, right? In a vacuum, yes, but.. the elephant that hasn’t yet entered the room is AMD’s Threadripper. Intel is faced with the disadvantage of having shot first with X299, and AMD has some time to tweak their upcoming “Threadripper” CPU lineup which it’s said will be available with up to 16 cores and SIXTY FOUR PCIe lanes.. so they COULD put the gears to Intel on pricing – at which time Intel – whose 12, 14, 16, and 18 core models will be arriving between August and Q4 this year – will have to figure how to respond, if at all! … So you know what? I AM still frustrated that it took Intel this long to wake up.. and I DO still think this CPU lineup is unnecessarily confusing, but WHATEVER their motivation – AMD’s innovation or their unconditional love for enthusiasts – it’s true. This is a great release because we’re back to Intel and AMD playing leapfrog, and that’s just great!" So to address your points... Linus said this was a great release He said it would be a great release in a vacuum. AKA without Threadripper coming along in an unspecified amount of time, and without all of the garbage that they're doing with different "levels" of X299 chips (which is fully explained in the Taipei video that was referenced early in the Core i9 review - it would be a waste of everyone's time to simply reiterate points we've already made when we can simply reference to another video on our channel. Referencing other videos for further information is something we do all the time). for those rocking Broadwell-E's you should definitely consider an upgrade We don't even come CLOSE to saying that. What we did say is that the 7900X provides a better value than Broadwell-E did at its ridiculous $1,700 pricepoint... "... and compared to Broadwell-E, GREAT price" is the closest line I can find to what you're claiming here. That's true - $1,000 for a 10-Core CPU is a better value than $1,700 for a 10-Core CPU. don't mind AMD releasing Threadripper with 64 pcie lanes The 64 PCIe lanes on Threadripper were referenced directly in the conclusion. Epyc is a server chip, so it wouldn't make a ton of sense to compare a 7900X to Epyc. Tl;dr watching or reading reviews and other content online with a certain level of doubt is a fantastic practice, and I encourage you to read/watch multiple sources (and do your own independent research if possible) before forming an opinion on anything. But when you're making claims about how we're essentially paid shills for Intel, at least make sure your claims are actually backed up by fact before you attempt to make them.
  10. We do get a portion of the revenue from purchases through our Amazon link(s). We do not have a discount code for Amazon.
  11. Buy Intel Core i9 Processors: Amazon: Newegg: The numbers are in, and we've got a much better idea of what Core i9 really looks like. So - should you upgrade?
  12. Buy Lian Li desk PC: Buy desk PC on Amazon: Can any desk PC case be worth $1,500???? Lian Li thinks so, and we aim to find out...
  13. I still want to do the "Canadian Winter Survival Tech Backpack" filled with like, huge battery banks, a 4G LTE hotspot and shit for when you're snowed in and lose power. I think that would be hilarious.
  14. Heh. Yeah I think nationalistic pride is becoming less and less significant as the world becomes more integrated. I'm not trying to get into the weird "globalist" political stuff, but there is something to be said for the elimination of borders digitally causing an elimination of cultural differentiation in some ways. Maybe I'm just reaching at that point though
  15. The numbers line up pretty well to be honest. Aus/NZ combined have about 30 million people, Canada has 35. I'd say that's within margin of error in terms of "broad access" to the content. We're serving both of those markets better on a views/million people basis than we are in the US. Looking at Views per 1 Million people per month (let's call that VMm) we're at: USA: 43,820.24 VMm Canada: 64,800.05 VMm Australia/New Zealand: 76,392.05 VMm I'd attribute the high population of Aus/NZ fans to our previous release time (midnight PST) which catered extremely well to their timezone (5pm AEST). We released at this time for a number of years, catering to a population that most tech channels were blatantly ignoring (that wasn't the primary reason for our choice of that time, but it was certainly a nice side effect), and putting less of a focus on NA viewers, so it's to be expected that our coverage in NA is less than perfect