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  1. Not all products are as easy on the eyes as the One haha. We'll see what we can do.
  2. Sigh... Here's what it looks like in our video manager: So like... YouTube pulling some bullshit again with not actually using the selected thumbnail so frustrating some days. RE: the thumbnails in general, I think we're going to do a video to address it at some point. The TL;DR is that the new ones work better based on how YouTube serves video so in order to stay relevant on the platform and not stagnate completely (not "because we're greedy f***s" or "because we're sellouts" or whatever other vitriolic comments people are making these days) we needed to adjust how we present videos through titles and thumbnails. As I've said before (and I'm sure I'll say again), we screw up with this stuff sometimes. It's bound to happen when your only litmus test is to just push something out on the channel and see how the community reacts... but we truly do learn from those experiences and try to improve how we handle that aspect of the business.
  3. All good - we do try to get it there as soon as possible, sometimes that's just not quite as soon as we'd like it to be haha...
  4. Scheduling releases isn't quite as refine on FPC yet. It's there now.
  5. Buy Corsair One on Amazon: Corsair has... a GAMING PC? AND IT DOESN'T HAVE RGB??? What on earth just happened...
  6. The thumbnail was never changed.... Maybe YouTube wasn't displaying the right one? They've pulled stuff like that in the past... EDIT: Also, how is it clickbait to have a picture of the host of the video and the product featured in the video?... Genuinely curious.
  7. Buy Surface Pro 4 on Amazon: With the recent drop in its price is the Surface Pro 4 a compelling purchase? Or should you wait around to see what the Surface Pro 5 will bring?
  8. The name of the product is in the description.... "The ASUS G701VI is NOT cheap... but come on, it has an OVERCLOCKED DESKTOP 1080! Let's check it out."
  9. Buy AMD video cards on Amazon: AMD Vega is rumored to be coming "soon," but before it arrives let's take a look back at the last TEN YEARS of AMD's flagship GPUs!
  10. Buy Ryzen 7 processors on Amazon: What performance can you expect from AMD's upcoming Ryzen 5 and Ryzen 3 lineups? We simulated each and the results look pretty darn promising!
  11. Guess you'll have to watch to find out...
  12. Buy CPU cooler on Amazon: Can you make your own heatsink? Hell yeah! Should you? Let's find out...
  13. I understand the premise - what I don't get is the relatability. I guess we just don't get the same character archetypes out here in BC as often as you see 'em out in Ontario. I'll take your word for it on the efficacy of the show, but based on the clips I've seen, as well as their YouTube content, it seems VERY one-note. Also, isn't it a CraveTV original?... As far as I can tell that platform is dead on arrival... I personally know literally zero people here in BC that subscribe to the platform. Maybe it's bigger out East, but in my personal experience it doesn't seem to be a significant player in the West. Hard to imagine that ANY show could be as ubiquitous as Corner Gas nowadays... there are just too many options out there.
  14. Buy LG Gram 2017 on Amazon: It's a bit bigger, but this year's LG Gram may be a much more sensible option than its predecessor...
  15. Hey, sorry to hear about the poor experience you had Can you PM me your support ticket number? I'll pass that along to my contacts over there and see if there's anything they can do to help fix the situation... An experience like this is definitely not what we've come to expect from Corsair, so I sincerely believe that our contacts over there will do whatever they can to help! Thanks, Nick