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  1. Today... I think it's important to note that lately we've been doing more than one video a day, not less
  2. Buy Windows 10 on Amazon: Is Windows' new "game enhancing" software solution actually legit?
  3. I mean... if I'm bringing my laptop somewhere, I probably have enough space (in a backpack or whatever I'm lugging with me) to at least bring a tiny wireless mouse or something. But there are definitely some scenarios (eg using a laptop on an airplane or something) where the trackpad is necessary, and I certainly agree that this placement is pretty awful for that.
  4. It's the name of their gaming line... That's like saying "ASUS seriously needs to stop calling everything ROG" or "AMD needs to stop calling everything Radeon" Edit: that was a bad example, "Nvidia needs to stop calling everything GeForce" would probably be more fitting since AMD still calls their Pro line "Radeon" (or at least they do now).
  5. This new laptop from Acer is absolutely nuts.
  6. We don't directly handle our merch sales, so shipping availability is entirely dependent on the provider. Here's their "where do you ship" page: Hope they can get you what you're looking for
  7. We haven't worked with lynda in a while - don't have proper contacts over there as mine got lost in the shuffle after the Microsoft purchase. I wish him the best of luck in getting it figured out - claims suck. But if he does have a license to use the content then disputing the claim is always a (frustrating but still relevant) option. YT's claim system does kinda suck, but if they had a better way (that was actually financially feasible), I'm sure they'd use it...
  8. As long as that person also pays for the pizzas...
  9. Definitely... 100% agree with you there. My main point is that we're not trying to maximize our profits here at the expense of overreaching for your personal information, if that make sense. The forum breaks even for us at best, and that's OK - we do well enough through our other revenue streams that even taking a loss here is worth it in order to provide a site for discussion around technology that has a relatively unintrusive monetization strategy and a (subjectively) clean UI/UX. So while our ads might not always appeal directly to every single user on the forum, I think the trade-off is worth it.
  10. AFAIK we're not currently able to geotarget ads through the forum (though I could be wrong, I'm not the most technical person in the world), and I'm not even sure if we'd want to... We don't want to snag a bunch of personal info from our users here on the forum.
  11. I'm no expert, but what I got from his conclusion on the camera is that it's not a huge improvement over the previous generation. "The non-existent improvements to the camera..." Unfortunately Brandon was in Japan on holiday when we received the phone, and then left almost immediately for NAB Show in Vegas... didn't really have time to get his hands on it before we had to create the video here
  12. Buy Samsung Galaxy S8 on Amazon: Can the S8 bring Android back into Linus' pocket on a daily basis?
  13. Buy Intel Optane on Amazon: Are Intel's new Optane caching drives a worthwhile purchase if you already have an SSD?