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  1. Each of the partner products comes in at some point during the 3-part series Ep. 2 should come this weekend, with Ep. 3 coming later next week!
  2. Thanks to the following partners for providing the parts used in this project! (organization): Cable Organizer wire loom: Cable Organizer network cables: Cable Organizer wire wraps: Bonded Logic (insulation): Bonded Logic Ultratouch: Bonded Logic Shipping Solutions: Protocase (Custom Vent Cover): Protocase: Our server room is a MESS. Let's fix that.
  3. We already have potential concepts laid out for SYW5. I can say with certainty that it's not going to involve three competitors/teams, that really doesn't seem to work out well in a competition format like SYW. Tough to drive the rivalry in post-production when there are so many moving parts and only 30-45 mins per ep to tell the story.
  4. We've been having intermittent issues (depending on what solution we're using on a given shoot) with non-RED audio modules interacting with the new RED cameras. Still waiting on the RED module to arrive, which should be here soon... It was a lot worse before we got some filters on there and went in to manually tweak levels and cut some frequencies EDIT: And unfortunately this wasn't a situation where we could just swap in a new solution and reshoot the whole thing
  5. Buy water cooling parts on Amazon: There's the right way of doing things, and then there's our way of doing things... Don't try this watercooled server build at home, kids!!
  6. Not really sure what you mean. We have an upload schedule - every day at noon(ish) PST, aside from Fridays which is usually between 6-7pm PST (as it's WAN Show, doesn't even get recorded until 4:30pm PST). When videos come out later than that it's due to an issue - usually something to do with Premiere screwing up an export. At times on the weekend we're a bit late due to other commitments - unfortunately we do have lives outside of this some days haha. The last couple weeks have been especially bad for timing, but that's due to the fact that we're "investing in the future" so to speak. Exciting times coming in the next few months
  7. Min would never put his brand logo on something that ugly some of the Project Valerie display models at CES may not have been functional, but they were certainly beautiful.
  8. Buy Razer Blade Pro on Amazon: Buy GeChic Monitor on Amazon: Did you think that Razer's Project Valerie demo at CES was awesome? Then this is the DIY project for you...
  9. FINALLY. We fixed the WAN Show setup... PC: Buy Corsair K65 Lux RGB on Amazon: Buy Corsair M65 Pro RGB on Amazon: Buy Corsair RM 1000x on Amazon: Buy Corsair H100i v2 on Amazon: Buy Corsair MM300 on Amazon: Buy Corsair Vengeance LED 64GB on Amazon: Buy Corsair MP500 NVMe on Amazon: Buy Corsair 570x on Amazon: Buy Corsair RGB Fans on Amazon: Buy Corsair sleeved cables on Amazon: Audio gear: Buy SE4400a mic on Amazon: Buy Rode arm on Amazon: Buy Soundcraft Mixer on Amazon: Buy dbx166xs compressor on Amazon: Buy Focusrite 18i20 on Amazon: Buy Focusrite headphone amp on Amazon: Buy Focusrite 6i6 on Amazon: Capture gear: Buy Epiphan AV.IO on Amazon: Learn more about Epiphan AV.IO: Cables: Buy Cablemod power cables on Amazon: Buy TP-link Wifi smart plugs on Amazon:
  10. Floatplane? haha
  11. Buy network cards on Amazon: Get a lightning fast local network speed for less than $100!
  12. Oh man... only Brandon really knows. My best advice would be to just Tweet at him and hope he replies
  13. We're trying to get our hands on a few different Nokia phones. No promises.
  14. Soon (TM) is just a meme as far as I know... can apply to anyone (Valve HL3 Soon! (TM)), just thought it was funny. This week is a short week for us here in Canada (we were out Monday), we're still getting used to handling RED footage, and we're training 4 new people here in office... So it's a bit of an odd time, and unfortunately it's causing some issues. But we'll be much better for it once we get everything figured out can't wait to see where we're at in a month or two...
  15. Soon!!! (TM) Still having issues, hoping to have everything resolved very soon... The good news is that you guys probably get 2 videos over there today