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  1. We're just super not experts on mining lol. And mining is such a polarizing topic right now that it would probably seem a bit aloof for us to talk about it when we have such little experience with it. A video from us ticks off miners because it's likely to be underinformed, and ticks off the rest of the audience because "miners are evil for driving up prices of everything rawr." Pretty much a no-win situation
  2. We've seen it - unlikely that we'll cover it but you never know.
  3. To each their own I guess! I wish you all the best in finding content that you enjoy
  4. Heh... it kinda feels that way, doesn't it? It's always funny to me when I see people "hearken back to the days before dick jokes." Please, show me when those days were. Linus has been making dick jokes and sexual innuendos since day one. I've said it before and I'll say it again - most people have rose colored glasses when thinking back on our old content. And in some cases, these complaints come down to the viewer changing as much as they come down to changes with our actual content. Now, with that said... in this case I do agree that we have changed a lot over the past 6 months. Some of that is by design, and some of that is just a learning process. We have five new writers on staff as of this year. Most, if not all of them, had never written a full-on tech video in our style before they started here. So I think it should be pretty obvious that there will be a growth process - maybe they're adding too many memes, maybe they're adding too many dick jokes, but they're learning and they're getting MUCH better. I'm incredibly proud of the work that every single one of our guys is putting in because, in the long term, the diversity of opinion and interests is what will make our content continue to improve and continue to serve our audience day in and day out. So yes, there will be some growing pains, but we're focusing on the long term here, and to be honest we're already seeing massive, massive improvement. Similar thing goes for our editing staff. We have the old guard, but we also have new faces who are learning. And with these creative roles we don't want to put people in a box and say "this is the form of our videos, you must do x y z and never experiment." Sometimes these experiments lead to incredible results, sometimes they fall flat. But it's an important step in the process that I do not want to unnecessarily stifle. "Always leave them wanting more" It's a great series and we don't want it to get stale - we're saving it for truly impactful topics so that you guys continue to enjoy them in the long term I really don't know how you can try to claim that 16K gaming, Sleeper PC, Project Orhtrus (which we had a world exclusive on), and the Taiwanese Recycling showcase video aren't "unique" projects or videos. Feels like you're framing reality to fit your narrative rather than actually basing your judgement off of the content that we're releasing. The whole point of our channel is to take technology to the extreme and do something that the average viewer couldn't do on their own, whether that's getting a cool experience or tackling a huge project. 90-95% of our videos have been scripted for the last 3 years. As mentioned above, we have some relatively new writers on staff so there are some growing pains, but that should be a short term issue. Linus Tech Tips has been scripted since before 1 million subscribers.
  5. FPC version vs YT version - or is there some other confusion there?
  6. Buy RED: Buy more affordable cameras on Amazon: Why on earth does a YOUTUBE CHANNEL need to spend $140,000 on CINEMA cameras? Brandon explains...
  7. That would be pretty legit - I would use the crap out of a Starbucks discount code too Doubt that would happen, but never know about Folgers etc
  8. I'm one of the main QC people over here, so it is my job to watch most (if not all) of our videos. But I do also enjoy the content that we put out, so both.
  9. I'd love to know who you think our "covert" sponsors are lol... we do our best to follow the strict disclosure standards set by the FTC, so we don't really have any "covert" sponsorships. Depends what you classify as "vetting" I guess, but I would assume what he said was that someone on staff vets each sponsor in some way (though it may not necessarily be Linus himself) - usually through personal experience, wherever it is applicable. A good example of this is the spot we did for Dashlane. Our company uses a different password manager (not that Dashlane isn't up to the highest standard, we had just transitioned to a different provider and didn't want to go through the hassle of doing so all over again when both brands are of a similar standard of quality), but before we ran that ad we had Luke switch his accounts over to Dashlane for a few weeks so that we could give our perspective on the service after actually using it. We even provided the brand with a lot of feedback on how they might improve their UI/UX and other features. With a brand like Braintree, we ran ads for them for a long time but unfortunately had no way to vet the service through personal experience as we didn't have any in-house app other digital property that could take full advantage of Braintree's offerings at that time. So yes, we do vet the brands that we work with, and we actually turn down a LOT of money each month to ensure that the advertisers that we display on the show are of a high general standard. We take the experience that our audience has with sponsors of our show VERY seriously. If a brand is not able to rectify a situation to the standard that we would expect, then we are certainly not afraid to drop them. A few thousand dollars is worth a hell of a lot less than the trust of our audience. Dollar Shave Club is still around, but they advertise far less on our channel these days than they have in the past. Ever since the Unilever acquisition they've significantly adjusted their marketing strategy, focusing heavily on more "viral" channels like H3H3 - which seems to be working well for them, so difficult to fault that decision. (plus I love H3H3, so any support of them is a plus in my book)
  10. All good! New FPC video coming soon too don't worry
  11. It came out on Floatplane last week - maybe you saw it there?
  12. Thanks to Intel for sponsoring this video! Purchase an Intel Core i7 processor on Amazon: Purchase an Intel Core i7 processor on Newegg:
  13. It's a meme based on some HP commercial. We'd love to do one every 3 months. We're finally approaching a point where that might be possible based on the staffing additions we've made this year. Expect to see a lot more "episodic" content in the coming years we've got big plans.
  14. As Linus said on WAN show last Friday we're 6-8 weeks away from release of SYW6.
  15. Buy a GTX Titan, but don't chop it Amazon: Newegg: Is it possible to make a single slot GTX Titan without using water cooling?