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  1. Does this mean I can play games that require 8gb of ram?
  2. I have 8gb of ram in my pc. But only 3.9gb is available, the rest is "hardware reserved". Any idea what is causing this? Thanks in advance! (My computer has windows 10 64 bit installed on it by the way)
  3. Hi everyone! Just trying to find out if this build can be cheaper than £200. Thanks in advance! https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/user/jol159/saved/X4Ppgs
  4. I meant source code of java but if you need to port it manually then I might have got my answer
  5. Is there a program that can turn code from a program in C++ for example and translate the code into java with the program doing the same thing in java as it did in C++? If yes what is it called? Thanks in advance!
  6. How about world of tanks? You might like it. If not what about subnautica?
  7. Any idea of a game engine that I could use to make 2d games. If the game engine could import assets made in a program like pyxel edit it would also be useful.
  8. more details doesn't show - the only button that is there is 'close'. how do I transfer my stuff from one account to another
  9. It is Windows smart screen being annoying - I have followed instructions and tried to turn it off but it still doesn't work. It says: "this program can't be installed on your device. Contact the software vendor for a version that will work on your device" - something like that anyway.
  10. is there no setting to fix my problem? I wouldn't want to have to install windows just to get x-plane 11 beta to work
  11. As the title mentions, I can't install anything. I get an error saying It can't install a program (for example x-plane 11 demo) Any ideas why?
  12. Also what GPU does x-plane require? Is a RX 460 good enough?