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  1. @spacedestroy, I sent you a DM. Very strange that you emailed support and never heard back, I'd like to get this sorted out for you ASAP. There aren't any known delays or backorders with water bottles right now, so your order should have been shipped out at the time of purchase. Either way we'll get it figured out.
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  4. Typically not super feasible to do that, but I try to get them here as early as I can when I'm the one posting lol.
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  7. Ahh good question... we don't actually have the Grand here to test maybe we can send one over to MOS so they can test it for us!!
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  10. Hey Peter, Just sent you an email regarding this. Hope we can get it sorted out soon! Thanks, Nick
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  23. The Hacksmith's studio is SO COOL!!! Sub to their channel: https://www.youtube.com/thehacksmith