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  1. I've been playing a lot of ROS of lately would be great to play with some people from LTTF. Message me on here if you want my info. I play lvl 70 mostly.
  2. Said it was my present for upcoming Christmas and my birthday and sold it as an investment for my future , ie good for college. It worked, my dad shelled out the $950 to get the parts from newegg when I was 16... 6 years ago and my friend helped me build it. I am currently using that same cpu, e8400, chasis - antec 300, and ram with various other parts obtained over the years.
  4. Shane Dawson quit, not that he was good or anything, but in my youth i did watch him. Some rockband drummers I know also quit, but that was largely because of copyright sh*t.
  5. I don't think anyone should come on a tech forum and make a thread about hating any particular item, especially something as subjective and personal as a case decision. Shouldn't this be a place to talk about things we like and would recommend? It's like whoever started this topic wanted to argue with someone. Seems pointless.
  6. I've desired this case for awhile now. I don't remember ever hopping on the bandwagon because of Linus or another. It simply seemed to contain the best features with the cleanest looks. It has plenty of 3.5 in drive bays, a large window, black interior, smart design, etc etc. Perfect amount of 5.25 in drive bays. Wide stance (lots of room). No tacky design aesthetics No stupid water cooling holes on the back. I like the white and black colors and the design of the feet. If I were to buy another case, I would buy the R4 and I know it would look great for yeeeeears
  7. A friend of mine let that happen too. Seems like a stupid way of doing it on avg's part.
  8. Even if you were dating, things can change fast, I wouldn't do it. Spend that money on bettering yourself, let her upgrade herself if she wants to. Offer to do the work.
  9. Congrats. Awesome value with this little trick.
  10. I'm only messing. It's just an image. It can be anything you would like. Perhaps a way to get undepressed is updating your LTTF profile?
  11. Sarcasm, yet another misleading profile image...? But, um I do that one thing .