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  1. Some years ago I mined LTC and I made some good money... Now I want to get into mining again but I'm a little outdated. What are the best cryptos to mine with video cards? What hashrate could I expect from a 5k investment? Thanks!
  2. I travel to Argentina all the time... De que provincia sos?
  3. This is a sad day for me.. I'm unsubscribing from LTT.
  4. I'm just curious.. Supposedly it's been 10 days since he filmed the review
  5. As @thebrian said, a really sad video.. It was just a toyota add featuring linus
  6. Okay, tried the battery trick again but this time the laptop is not working... What could it be? Maybe the motherboard is fried?
  7. Hi guys, 2 days ago my girlfriends lenovo flex 2 14 didn't turn on... So after some goolging, I disconnected de battery, hold the power button for a few seconds, plugged the battery again and voila! the pc turned on. Today the laptop doesn't turn on again.. I will try the same procedure as last time but I want to solve it for good. Does anyone know what might be happening with the computer? Thanks! PS: It's not under warranty.
  8. The link: https://goo.gl/forms/ChTcNvPXityV9Uin2 Thanks!
  9. Hi, I have a 128GB flashdrive with windows 10 on it.. I use it to boot from my mac or work pc and have all my software there. I need to create a iso image of the flashdrive as a backup so I can test other operating systems on that drive and then restore that image to recover my windows 10 without having to reinstall everything. I've tried creating an iso using the Disk Utility on mac os x but when I restored that iso to another drive it didn't boot (wasn't recognized by the boot menu of the mac). Any ideas? Note that I'm NOT using bootcamp, that's why I can boot from a usb drive. Thanks!
  10. Hi guys, I'm studying petroleum engineering and I'm about to graduate but my university requires me to do an internship so I'm looking for one... I would love to find one on an english or spanish talking country. Could you recommend me some websites were I can look for? Or should I go straight to the companies and email them? Thanks!
  11. Hi, I need to create a set of blocks like this http://petrowiki.org/images/thumb/2/25/Vol5_Page_1423_Image_0001.png/300px-Vol5_Page_1423_Image_0001.png Where I have a 3 dimensional matrix (one value for each block) where if the value is 1 the block exists and if 0 it doesnt. And also other 3 dimensional matrixes with other properties of each block... Is there a relatively easy way to do this? Thanks!
  12. Yeah thats not an issue at all... I've done it many many times. I will look at that drive, thanks!
  13. Hi guys, I'm looking for a 120GB USB flash drive to instal windows on it. I've seen the Visiontek USB Pocket SSD and the Voyager GTX. Does anyone know which one is better? Is there any other option out there? Thanks!
  14. So I'm back on windows after using mac for a few years.. I want to know which is the best free antivirus, I want it not to be intrusive or bother me with popups.. Thanks guys