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  1. Sorry I don't post much, I though videos from Tech Youtubers would come under this since it's a topic that should be discussed. I was confused after reading the guideline. Anyway thanks for moving.
  2. Yeah but he was like "I wasn't wrong" which is not the answer I expected. My point is that the review was different from the reviews he make for PC's. Anyway I though we should discuss this.
  3. I think makes some good points about Linus' take and I would love to hear what Linus and you guys think about it. If you compare this review with other products like Windows laptops, GPUs, CPUs, phones and etc... then you could see that Linus is kinda going too far, Linus also says that Apple doesn't send him stuff, may be he is salty about it? I don't know but Rene has some good points and was polite unlike that video from Jonathan Morrison which I would never encourage because that was made to put Linus down instead of to have a good conversation about this issue. I love Linus too, I us
  4. There are literally hundreds of posts lol and he didn't say a thing about these posts, he even has commented on many of these posts to help with the calculations. You can search and see for yourself without being holier than thou.
  5. So the M1 Macs are released. I watched the first impression video from Linus, he went pretty harsh but also it's his channel and Linus is a pretty chill guy. The M1's seem to outperform everything. I mean the battery life alone is up to their 20 hour claim by many reviewers and it even seem to outperform the XPS 13 with non official apps that runs through Rosetta. Really interested to see Linus' opinion on these Macs. He seemed pretty doubtful about the lineup. Also, Jonathan Morrison is still tweeting about the Linus call out video and I think he is also sub tweeting Linus in som
  6. This is not about snooping Linus' cheques. It's pretty normal to want to see how much a company makes, specially a company that you like. About business growth in the field and about business in general. This post wasn't about How much Linus make but rather How much LMG makes or How much a company in the tech/YouTube industry makes. I guess it's pretty normal to get to know the revenue and stuff. Linus just happens to be the owner. These are the things that motivates people. Maybe someone who doesn't know about the industry will see something like this and will be willing to give it a shot.
  7. What do you mean? You mean like give back to the employees through the company rather than enjoying the money? If so I agree, Linus doesn't seem money hungry. Also, LMG website says there is only 30 employees, where did you get your info?
  8. He clearly said in the video that if you need to know then try make an educated guess at it. I am sure he is fine, it is you who is here acting like you own this platform. I don't know how else to put it.
  9. Just something that I used to wonder about How much large YouTubers make. Just a post based on that and Linus' video but to ask you a question? Why does it matter to you? It's just a post, if you don't like it then you can move on. It's not a bad thing to guess how much big YouTubers make consider it a big industry now. This is similar to asking the question, "How much a doctor makes?" "How much does Samsung make per year" "How much does a software engineer make a year?" "How much does a big YouTuber make a year?"
  10. That calculation is not relevant here at all, it's just another mini discussion about in what range he might be paying salaries. You are right here. I have corrected this a made my guess a bit more fair in the edits.
  11. Thank you for this information. I didn't know this. Then one might have to do some research if they really need the correct amount but also they could go by the CPM from other tech channels. MKBHD's $2.7 CPM = if we apply it here then it's $2.7 Million for 1 billion views on LTT which divided by 26 and multiplied by 100 would bring a Total Revenue of 10,384,615 per year. Which means with your calculation saying $9.5 million and mine, the actual amount would be somewhere around $10 million per year.
  12. I have clearly mentioned in this post that this is purely Revenue and not profit. Revenue doesn't equal to Profit. It's just the Total income without anything deducted. If you want to find the profit that is when you calculate the stuff you said here.
  13. I mean without shit talking, be my guest, what factors? and the post clearly says this is just the Revenue and not Profit. Also he clearly says find the Revenue if we want to and there is enough information to find it.
  14. No, I only considered the 19,000 subs for good measure. and the minimum sub amount of $5. Floatplane revenue is probably more than this. Mind that Revenue means just the income without expenses/cost subtracted. So yes, there is a cost to run Floatplane and I think it comes under LMG? I am not sure tho, maybe you can tag Luke hear to ask that question. This post is just about Revenue and profit calculations are not included here.