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  1. I wanted to trick out my gaming setup, I have 1 monitor, getting a new gaming desktop and need a new desk. Can anyone give me any advice also I wanted to start streaming.
  2. Wait you have 2 installed drives that both have windows installed?
  3. I personally would love to upgrade because i have a 2008 computer :(.
  4. I personally hope its a great cpu and has a better stat line than its predecessors.
  5. Nice! I'm definitely going to because i have a outdated garbage pc. I have a 2.6 Ghz cpu and 8 gigs of ddr3 with a wifi card No gpu
  6. Will you guys switch to Zen 3 or not? If yes tell my why.
  7. I have to go offline for the rest of today but if this was helpful please follow me and recommend me if anyone needs help