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  1. Technically, yes ; Practically, no : too expensive, no warantee, too much delay... This option is definitely viable for very rare non replaceable items, but here it wouldn't be advantageous ; Thanks for the idea anyway !
  2. The real issue is probably what you mentioned : the lack of large enough distributors ; (Tanger-Med is a pretty big cargo port, shipping port capacity shouldn't be a problem) From what I understand, because of the low demand in DIY parts (in comparison to Europe and North-America), retailers don't bring in entire containers, they get their merchandise from European distributors (for example, when I bought from the above-mentioned retailer a CM case, the packaging said "Cooler Master Europe"); In addition to that, many shops located in the north of Morocco import their merchandise from Spain through Melilla and Ceuta, they don't deal with large volumes ; Do you know of any Moroccan retailer that has tried to get containers shipped directly from you (Corsair) ? EDIT : Since Corsair does not directly deal with Moroccan retailers, I guess you (Corsair) have nothing to do with high end units not being available ; that's either a distributor or retailer thing ; Thanks for the input by the way !
  3. Yeah probably, which leads me to believe that the low-end stuff sells out way more slowly than the high-end units, otherwise the local retailers wouldn't be able to restock them that easily ; Morocco ; Yep, shipping is definitely more difficult/expensive, but that still doesn't explain why retailers easily restock the low-end units while high-end stuff never shows up ; The high-end units are probably reserved by manufacturers to fulfill the high demand elsewhere ; For now I'll remain patient, I've been waiting for like 6 months, now that AMD and Nvidia are launching new products I might just wait a few more months to get the new stuff ^^ Thank you all for your input, much appreciated !
  4. Hi, Covid-19 has caused the manufacturing and shipping of PSUs to slow down drastically, leading to shortages in many regions, including mine. The thing is, after some time many units got restocked in both North America and Europe, but the shortages are persisting in my region, at least when it comes to high end units ; I have been trying to buy a high end unit (at a decent price) for quite a while (it's been a few months now), but to this day, nothing shows up in the local market, which makes me question whether or not I should keep waiting for such units to come back ; A local renowned shop that used to sell some really good/decent power supplies before Covid-19 (e.g. Corsair RMx, TXM, RM, EVGA Supernova G2, CM MWE Gold) went through a long period during which they didn't have anything in stock (both high end and low end), so I waited. But then, at one point, they restocked large amounts of PSUs from Corsair/EVGA/CM, but nothing high-end/midrange, only low-end stuff : Corsair VS + CV, EVGA BQ, CM MWE Bronze V2 ; As these units kept selling, they kept restocking them over and over again, while high-end PSUs never show up in their listing. This has me questioning whether they will restock high end units any time soon ; I gave the shop a call and asked the man on the phone whether they are planning to bring such units, but he had no clear answer to give ; Since they seem to be getting stuff from Corsair regularly, I proposed to pay for an RMx unit in advance (full price), hoping that they would include one in their frequent orders (?) from Corsair, but he said that it wouldn't be possible since "it could take a very long time" before such unit would become available. He (unsurprisingly) did not give much details, which leads me to wonder why such units are unavailable : - Is it because they do not want to restock them? - Is it because Corsair/EVGA/CM reserve their high-end units for the european and north-american markets ? Please note that I am not judging either party, manufacturers are free to reserve their most popular units for markets with high demand, and retailers are free to sell whatever (non-hazardous) units they want to sell ; I'm just trying to understand what's going on : since Covid-19 probably isn't going anywhere anytime soon, I might have to wait for several months before anything decently priced shows up ; Other shops sell stuff like ROG Thor 850-1200, AX1600i, HX1000i, HX1200i, EVGA G2 1000... , but that stuff is well above my budget and largely overkill for my build (I was aiming for something like an RM650x) ; The best unit I could find that I technically can afford is the TX650M, but I feel like it's too expensive for what it is ($195) ; Other than the high end units, I have found the CM MWE Gold 750W for $162, again crazy expensive for what it is ; Do you guys have any idea of what is actually happening behind the scenes ? Whether it is manufacturers that withhold their high-end units, or the retailers who actually do not want to restock high-end units? Sorry for the long read by the way... Have a nice day