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  1. The tdp it's not the real max power consuming, not talking about spikes, you got chart in noctua site for cooling capability.
  2. What MOBO? check if you can change to voltage control in bios, than you can chage fan speed.
  3. Bottom PSU fan down and spinning fan, the influence to air case temp is negligible. Top PSU with fan down will help to move hot air from the case, but it will rise the PSU temp, that not recommended from PSU side.
  4. The 4.8GHz boost is for single core,
  5. The computer trip by asus surge protection? If it is disable it.
  6. You have chart in noctua site for thermal performance by cooler. You will not be sub 70c with stock config. by default 95c is the max temps, so the algorithm is to try to push the frequency with realative high voltage to stay in thermal limits include wattage and current, the temp is side effect, it can rise to 95c. for video editing i am doing manual undervolting with const frequently, so i can control the temps. If you will get better cooler, you can stay with high temps with higher frequency. That how it works, its not bad by definition. Its don't mean you will be in 95c
  7. It just was for the demonstration for load levels.
  8. https://www.cybenetics.com/index.php?option=database&params=2,1,28 go to database *I don't get why under 370W in the 750 and 600W in the 1200 the color is not red, the fan not spin. I looked at newer reports, there is a psu noise column, the y axis is remain fan noise.
  9. Corsair rm650x got 2 pcie cables, 4 connectors.
  10. As far as I know in seasonic the fan profile based on temp. that why in the charts its wattage against sound/RPM in 25C.
  11. One of the conecrns in old PSU is ripple, the PSU don't measures it, and not all failures got trigger by protections, high ripple is hardware killer, if you know what you are doing, a good starting point is look for swollen caps.
  12. In your case, yes. In other cases (more power CPU) I would check if the main cable is 16 AWG.