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  1. I know, that Dark Souls in meant to be played with a controller but, Since I have grown up with a PC and never touched a console, the game felt more natural with a K&M for me.
  2. Well for me it was TRASH, because no 21:9 support and no Mouse and Keyboard prompts just flaming XBOX controls.
  3. It would not be a bad port is if was not made by Fromsoftware
  4. So recently, there have been a lot of rumors of bloodborne coming to PC and, I want to know if it is actually happening and if it is, I hope the port is not made by FromSoftware because I think we all know that fromsoft are trash when handling pc ports. I hope it is QLOC the guys who did the remaster for Dark Souls 1 because they did a good job with it.
  5. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered did it and did have campaign in the title.
  6. So I brought Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® 2 Campaign Remastered, and I beat the campaign multiple times (i think about 10 times) and I have seen that there is no multiplayer. Now, I have never been a fan and have played they online mode but I want to try it out, So here come my question: Will Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® 2 Campaign Remastered. have multiplayer?
  7. Still makes me sad how sif actually tried to save you safe from the abyss but imagine what is like year later for him to see you trying to get the abysswalker ring that debilitated. his friend (Knight Artorias).
  8. The world of Lordran, is a vast charming place brimming with hollows and intriguing characters. But which one did you feel sympathy and connect with more? For me it was a multitude of characters such as: Solaire because he was so invested into fiding his own sun he did not realise it was already there... Is was you the chosen undead. Siegmeyer of Catarina because everytime you save him, you make him feel more hollow and made him feel worthless and when you find him and his daughter at Ash Lake, he his dead becoming hollow and his daughter having to kill him again. Knight Artorias because he was forced by Lord gwyn to keep the abyss/furtive Pygmy away so he stayed in Oolacile and dies completing his mission but keeping his companion safe (sif). Great Gray Wolf Sif because he died trying to keep you safe from the abyss and trying to keep him but imagine what is like year later for him to see you trying to get the abysswalker ring that debilitated. his friend (Knight Artorias).
  9. Tried both of them, still does not work and when I do the commands on how to extend time, still does not work. Is there a way to get around this.