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  1. If I had to rank my favourite Halo games in order, Combat Evolved is first because there is always something special about bungie's first game and it has the least faults. Now, Halo 3 is a big improvement from Halo 2, the level design is better, it is not borderline psychotic to play the game on legendary it does everything perfectly. Teaming up with Thel 'Vadam (Arbiter) and the flood was great but... the story was great but not as great as CE. If it had a better story, it would of been better than CE and Halo 3 would of been a masterpiece. Next is Halo 2, I know that the level design is aver
  2. What do you mean "I don't think you have a browser" and thank you.
  3. I don't see an option to change them anywhere.
  4. In 1959, the frozen bodies of a nine-member ski-hiking expedition that had gone missing weeks weeks before in northern Urals of the Soviet Union were found near their campsite on a mountain called Kholat Syakhl (which, according to Russian sources, means “Dead Mountain” in the indigenous Mansi language). Made up mostly of students and graduates from the Ural Polytechnic Institute a few hundred miles away in Yekaterinburg (then called Sverdlovsk), the team had set out on 27 January to reach another mountain about 7 miles away, Gora Otorten (which means “Don’t Go There” in Mansi). After bei
  5. Update: I am not mad that this game does not do 21:9, due to the fact that it is a good a game and 21 9 was not as big back then.
  6. So I just got Fallout New Vegas Ultimate for steam, and when I booted up the game, there were no black bars but when I play the game it seems stretched, So if you can, please let me know is it stretched or not. Kind regards BucketBoiAce
  7. You don't you until you have tried it (I use a 21:9 mod for my 21:9 monitor so I can see more and I put my mouse sensitivity on max)
  8. Imagine if bloodborne was cross platform.