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  1. Informative
    BucketBoiAce reacted to Intergalacticbits in What are your thoughts on the Dyatlov Pass incident?   
    When I hear stories similar to this one they remind me of my childhood.
    When I was little my brother went through a phase were he was a fantastic lier.
    One of the things we noticed during that time was that he would always leave out facts or play down details to make his stories more outrageous but when we questioned him, pulling out details.
    Things turned out to be mundane and he would laugh hysterically.
    He was funny.
    He just enjoyed telling the stories.
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    BucketBoiAce reacted to TVwazhere in What are your thoughts on the Dyatlov Pass incident?   
    -Topic Cleaned of lengthy Format Discussion-
    My thoughts:

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    BucketBoiAce got a reaction from wkdpaul in COVID-19 - READ THE RULES BEFORE REPLYING   
    No social distancing. 
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    BucketBoiAce reacted to Master Disaster in Does Fallout: New Vegas natively support 21:9 or is it stretched?   
    Just a few other tips...
    FONV (and in fact all Bethesda games from this era) don't work very well with modern multi core CPUs and can be very crashy. I STRONGLY suggest you look into installing NVSE and a Mod Manager then grab the Unofficial Patch for which ever version you have (should be the latest) and a crash fix mod (just get the one with the highest rating) from Nexus Mods. There might also be a mod for proper 21:9 support that doesn't cut anything off.
    I'll also leave a link to the PCGW page with a whole host of fixes for the most common issues.
  5. Informative
    BucketBoiAce reacted to Praesi in Is bloodborne actually coming to PC?   
    I played through DS3 with M+K several times. And slaughtered many Invaders without mercy. If Bloodborne would be a similar port, i would buy it.
  6. Funny
    BucketBoiAce reacted to Praesi in Is bloodborne actually coming to PC?   
    M+K is supperior. When i see Gamepad People, not looking left and right, i can just laugh.
  7. Informative
    BucketBoiAce reacted to -ism in Is bloodborne actually coming to PC?   
    For a game like bloodborne k+m and controllers are both excellent options. /thread
    When I saw my friend playing bloodborne on his PS4 a few years back I was so upset when I found out it was an exclusive. Really hope it comes to PC! I think with Horizon on PC now and Gamepass putting on the pressure Bloodborne on PC could realistically happen  We'll see!
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    BucketBoiAce reacted to Sorenson in Is bloodborne actually coming to PC?   
    I really hope so. I would think they would make it an option if they plan on releasing a BB2 on PS5 to drum up interest. 
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    BucketBoiAce reacted to PlayStation 2 in Is bloodborne actually coming to PC?   
    Meh, Overwatch can't support any aspect ratio that isn't 16:9 and that was a game explicitly designed for PC.
    On the note of Xbox prompts, admittedly that's a little annoying with some ports. Need for Speed 2016 has the same issue and it makes it annoying to try to play.
  10. Informative
    BucketBoiAce reacted to PlayStation 2 in Is bloodborne actually coming to PC?   
    It wouldn't surprise me too much if Bloodborne made its way to PC. 
    Realistically, I wouldn't imagine it being a bad port, either. Dark Souls 3 and Sekiro are half-decent ports, definitely far better than the original port of Dark Souls.
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    BucketBoiAce reacted to Spotty in Dark Souls Remastered: Knight lautrec is not in his cell   
    If you defeat the gargoyle before freeing him he will escape the cell by himself. If you go back to firelink shrine he should be there.
  12. Funny
    BucketBoiAce got a reaction from JabroniBaloney in Will Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® 2 Campaign Remastered. have multiplayer?   
    So I brought Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® 2 Campaign Remastered, and I beat the campaign multiple times (i think about 10 times)   and I have seen that there is no multiplayer. Now, I have never been a fan and have played they online mode but I want to try it out, So here come my  question: Will Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® 2 Campaign Remastered. have multiplayer? 
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    BucketBoiAce reacted to StrawberryShortCakes in Need suggestions on pc games for a new gamer (10 yes old)   
    I'm doing an build for one of my teacher's kid he's 10yrs old and this is his first pc, I'm not sure wha kind of games I should install for him since his mom (my teacher) said fun but no blood? 
    Edit : free games pls. 
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    BucketBoiAce reacted to MartinKweh in In dark souls 1, which character did you connect with more?   
    Hey, i said almost everyone lol
  15. Informative
    BucketBoiAce reacted to MartinKweh in In dark souls 1, which character did you connect with more?   
    To be honest, idk. Sif connects to me a bit since im a long time dog owner and the limp at the boss fight made me want to exit the game. Lore wise, still Sif. Especially after the DLC. Others mentioned above as well. But ill add gough to the list as he is literally a blind archer who lost his way of life after all the dragons died . 
    Other than that, i think almost everyone else is an asshole. Especially Gwyn.
  16. Informative
    BucketBoiAce reacted to PlayStation 2 in Team Fortress 2, how to disable time limit?   
    If that doesn't work, you could just force the pre-round timer (the timer before the setup in most non-Casual servers) to run indefinitely by using the command mp_waitingforplayers_restart 1 and just bind it to a button of your liking.
    Well, unless you're looking to do something more nuanced that requires a Payload cart, anyways.
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    BucketBoiAce reacted to 5x5 in In Dark Souls Remastered what do gold,silver,copper coins do?   
    Boost luck (item drop rate)
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    BucketBoiAce reacted to william axton hylle in What is the best game to get during quarantine?   
    I would recommend;
    Hell Let Loose: This is a hard-ish core tactical shooter set in WW2. I personally like its intense firefights.
    Tomb Raider Reboot: Third person adventure/shooter. I like it's atmosphere and gameplay
    Metro 2033: First shooter/horror game. I've only played the original, but the atmosphere is excellent and reading the book (PDF is free on the author's website) adds to the experience.
    The Witcher (series): Third person/isometric(only the first) game: I like the excellent storytelling, and the gameplay works if not being perfect. I would recommend lowering your expectations for the first one as the graphics and gameplay haven't aged all that well. But the second and third are pretty good. [obligatory Praise Geraldo].
    Just Cause 3: 3rd person shooter/demolition simulator: The game is gorgeous the destruction makes it even better.
    Destiny 2: It's free, and there are 3 COD length campaigns that come with it.
    SWAT 4: tactical SWAT shooter: I like the thought that goes into it as well as the SEF mod which is basically mandatory at this point.
    There are a TON of free DOS games on GOG, I can't find them all in one place, but look for them.
  20. Informative
    BucketBoiAce reacted to Nayr438 in Is it possible to emulate bloodborne to the pc?   
    GPCS4 has achieved limited gameplay, but only in a select few games I believe. Not sure about Spine, or if any other emulators are in the works.
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    BucketBoiAce reacted to WereCat in In Dark Souls Remastered and Dark Souls 3, How do you summon people into your world?   
    You need to use an item for that, I don't remember the name of the items though. There are various items that summon people into your world or you into their world. They each do it differently. Some items you have to have equipped and you will be summoned automaticaly into their world if someone from the same faction gets attacked for examle.
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    BucketBoiAce reacted to frozensun in FC New Dawn pops me onto desktop   
    Hey friends.
    Just installed Far Cry ND to try to play on new rig,installed all directx components,net framework,visual c++ redistributable.
    Game launches at the black screen with logo at right corner and then it reverts me back to desktop.
    How to resolve this?
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    BucketBoiAce reacted to Velcade in In Dark Souls Remastered, what is this armour?   
    Hard to tell your photo is quite dark.  I'd guess Gold-Hemmed Black Set
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    BucketBoiAce got a reaction from BuckGup in What truly is the best video game/videogame franchise you have played?   
    I don;t know why,i just liked it.