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    Mars (See my ping if you don't believe)
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    optimizing game files until it runs on my pc
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    idk anything abt pcs i just take help from people here -_-


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    Ryzen 5 3500U
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    8GB DDR4
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    AMD Vega 8
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    500GB SSD
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    laptop charger
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    1080p 15.6" Display
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    Fan in my laptop?
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    Zebronics ZEB KM 2100
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    Dell mouse and a TAG mouse
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    Leaf BASS over ear headset / Realtek Audio
  • Operating System
    Windows 10
  • Laptop
    HP 15s eq2400au
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    Redmi 6

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  1. I'm using the HP-15s eq2400au, I have 8gb DDR4 ram running at 2400Mhz but I my ram can go up to 2666Mhz, there is no option in the bios to increase/decrease ram speed.
  2. I already know about these, but the one you sent it like 5 times the price of what it is on Ali Express.
  3. When I had a 4gb ram laptop, I downgraded to win7 and it was great. Windows 10 is not meant to run on 4gb.
  4. Wow, thank you so damn much. I'm getting about an average of 33 fps now on 720p, 3/4 frame scaling (because I don't see the difference) fxaa off and fullscreen. I often see others use Ryzen Controller on their laptops for good performance in GTA 5 on my specs. Is it good and will it harm my CPU?
  5. I get 15-25 fps on low 720p settings with a vanilla config file. It could go lower on extremely demanding parts. Oh and I forgot to mention that I used to play on 720p normal settings with no issues. But a few days ago I decided to try out windows 11, and I rolled back to windows 10 now. I didn't have these issues before upgrading and coming back to windows 10. Although before upgrading to windows 11, I played only offline, and now I tried GTA Online, for the first time.
  6. I have the HP 15s eq2400au, It's got a r5 3550u and 8 gigs of ram (5.9gb usable because my igpu takes 2gb vram). I play GTA 5, and I get an average of 40 fps on ultra low settings. 800x600 res, 1/2 frame scaling, no fxaa, direct x 10, shadows turned off from config file, etc. The game looks horrible. I saw this vid on yt: and was amazed with the graphics he's playing on. PS: I play with my charger turned on, and I have disabled core parking and put my turbo boost to 100% using quick cpu. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Are the antenna ones, with USB 3.0 any better?
  8. Do USB wifi adapters give ping issues? As I have always experienced that on my old isp.
  9. Yes, amazon. 7 day returns for this product. https://www.amazon.in/TP-Link-Archer-T2U-Nano-Wireless-dp-B07KRCW6LZ/dp/B07KRCW6LZ/ref=dp_ob_title_ce (Amazon india)
  10. Not sure if this is the right Sub-topic. I would use it in my notebook laptop (HP 15s AMD edition) for speeds upto 150mbps in 5ghz. https://www.tp-link.com/in/home-networking/adapter/archer-t2u-nano/ My concern is that it has no antenna. Thanks.
  11. I'm not good at hardware stuff, so i'll try at a store. Alternatively, could I use something like this: https://www.tp-link.com/in/home-networking/adapter/archer-t2u-nano/ Thanks.
  12. My laptop is the HP-15s eq2400au. My ISP said that my laptop doesn't support 5Ghz so I must use 2.4Ghz, but I only get 40mbps in 2.4Ghz whereas I'm paying for 150mbps. Will any external wifi usb card work? Any solution for this? Thanks.