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    amd phemon x4 945
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    4gb ddr3 ram 1600mhz
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    asus hd 7870
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    60gb ssd / 808gb hdd
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    antec 620m psu
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  1. i guess also the i7 2600 would be off the table if i can get a cheap lga 1155 for like 30 bucks ?
  2. hi everyone i do a lot of gaming and long video rendering with with sony vegas 13 and encoding videos but i would like speed up my render times a little and i was also wondering it runs at 2ghz will be a limting factor in games ? my current spec fx 6300 4.4ghz 16gb ddr3 ram ga-78lmt-usb3 antec 620m psu
  3. sorry to open up a old thead but i was just how is sony vegas with this cpu im thinking about getting for long rendering aka long gameplays i would like to speed up the time
  4. maybe reseat your gpu and whats ur psu
  5. hi mate i have a amd althon 64 3800+ and 4800+ a very old celeron which has a bent pin and i think the other work if you want them pm me
  6. oh ok so its like a i7 but with no igpu?
  7. oh ok just letting everyone one know i most play indie games
  8. oh ok i know this is a dumb question would a fx 8320 be ok if i oc i have nh-d14 or just switch and my ram right now is 2x2gb
  9. ok so like a i5 or i7 would 16gb ram be helpful as well or wastefull
  10. hi everyone im just wondering what would be the best upgrade for me i do a lot of video rendering and record video for youtube but when i record i use xspilt to record and it normally uses my gpu but the when i render on my system it takes for ever i would like to speed that up if i can and i would also like to record and render at the time if that possible My specs amd phemon x4 840 4gb ddr3 1333mhz hd 7870 i use sony vegas to render my videos my budget is 500 aud dollars
  11. skitz9417

    Steam Down

    nah steam is up
  12. its a great start but i would get a quad
  13. either the board is going bad or the cpu which happen to me a long time ago so i would see if you put it back at stock and see if it goes away