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  • CPU
    4790k @ 4.7ghz
  • Motherboard
    Maximus VII Hero
  • RAM
    Axevir Core Red LED 2400Mhz
  • GPU
    Asus DirectCUii 780Ti @ 1035mhz base 1100mhz Boost
  • Case
    Fractal Design Arc Midi R2
  • Storage
    2x120gb Kingston HyperX 3k SSD Raid 0 Boot Drive. 2tb WD Black.
  • PSU
    Corsair AX 860
  • Cooling
    Corsair H105
  • Keyboard
    Corsair Vengeance K65 RGB
  • Mouse
    Roccat Tyon
  • Sound
    On Board. Audio Technica ath-m50x headphones and AT2020 Mic
  • Operating System
    Windows 10
  1. For those who haven't heard "Shadow Complex" developed by Chair (Infinity Blade Series) is free on PC for the entire month of December. Its a Metroidvania type game and I highly recommend it. Especially because it doesn't cost anything. https://www.epicgames.com/shadowcomplex/
  2. I have to agree with alot of you. I bought gta v over MKX as well. But being a mortal kombat fan i will EVENTUALLY get around to it. (just bought mk9 for 5 bucks on steam gonna mess with that for a bit). But i was really just seeing if people play fighting games on PC since I never really have.
  3. Exactly what the topic title says. I only use consoles for exclusives really. Seeing that MKX is coming out on PC I was probably gonna get it for PC. But is anyone else going to? Wanna have a PC community to play with.
  4. So I have had a 4790k overclocked to 4.8ghz on 1.26v on a Maximus Vii Hero For a while now. Today I happen to look into my case and notice the display saying 00. Its not in the manual and was wondering if it was something bad? My computer runs just fine. Low temps, stable. So nothing seems to be wrong. But i have no idea what the code means.
  5. Its just Evolve. I mean the game looks great and seems like it runs at high fps. But according to steam in game counter and fraps its around 30-40 fps. When I was in Alpha it ran just fine at 85-90 with TXAA on. My GPU never goes over 65C same with CPU. I just dont know. And yes i have newest drivers.
  6. So I bought Evolve and I noticed no matter what settings I put the graphics (Low, Medium, High, Very High) or AA On. It always hovers around 30fps. V-sync is off. And I'm running a 4790k at 4.8ghz and a 780 ti at 1165mhz. Anyone else notice this or is it just me?
  7. I currently have a 500gb drive in my computer and was wanting to get an ssd. But I'm not sure how I can put the same copy of windows on the ssd and just wipe my current drive. Or is there any kind of way to copy exactly what i have currently and just put it on the new SSD so it will be like nothing changed execpt the fact it will be much faster
  8. http://www.pcgamer.com/acer-unveil-super-quick-144hz-g-sync-ips-monitor/ IPS 1440p 144hz with G sync. SIGN ME UP!
  9. So I recently got an ROG Front base for my computer. (found it for pretty cheap). Anyway, I love all that it can do. But one thing I do notice is when i am running any kind of benchmark and use something like HWmonitor or Realtemp to see what temperatures I am at on my CPU it usually reads 10-15 degrees higher then what the front base says. Now in both case the temps are safe. I'm just curious to know if HWmonitor has been wrong this whole time. Seeing that HWmonitor is software based and the ROG Front Base is hardware based I would assume that the front base would be more accurate. Thoughts?
  10. Yeah I figured. Even though they claim it takes 6gb at 1080p. Whenever I move up to 1440p I'll have to turn off HD textures
  11. So I resently bought Shadows of Mordor for my PC. I have a slightly overclocked 780ti. Having a "flagship" card I thought to myself whenever I got Mordor I would run it with HD textures just to see how it does anyway, even thought i have seen reports of it needing 6GB OF VRAM!. So I played it with HD setting and it seems to run fine. Yes I use every bit of that 3gb that is on my card. But it runs at a smooth 60 fps? Anyone else experience this? or am I just lucky or something? Other specs Include 4790k OC to 4.6ghz 2133 16gb vengeance pro Maximus VII Hero 2TB WD Black 256gb Kingston Hype
  12. Yeah that's what I was thinking. Unfortunately
  13. So I have a 4790k running at 4.6ghz 1.2 volts. Cooled by an h105 with stock fans. If I run blend or large fft or something like occt or aida64 temps never get above 80c. If I run small fft. 95-100c. I'm not to comfortable with that. Even if small fft is kinda unrealistic. Thoughts?
  14. I have a Maximus vii hero, a 4790k, and a 780ti. When i turn my computer on i immediately get an error message saying "You must install MEI drivers to use 5 way optimization." when i try to install any of the MEI drivers from the intel or Asus website it says "your computer does not meet the minimum system requirements" I kind of think it does. And i dont know what do to do fix it.