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  1. Dell OEM RTX 2060. Driver - latest version 456.71
  2. F@H isn't using CUDA on my 2060 and log only says: 08:30:35:WU01:FS01:0x22:Platform 3: CUDA 08:30:35:WU01:FS01:0x22: cuda-device 0 specified 08:30:41:WU01:FS01:0x22:Attempting to create CUDA context: 08:30:41:WU01:FS01:0x22: Configuring platform CUDA 08:30:41:WU01:FS01:0x22:Failed to create CUDA context: 08:30:41:WU01:FS01:0x22:Error loading CUDA module: CUDA_ERROR_FILE_NOT_FOUND (301) How to find out what file is it? Driver reinstall using DDU didn't help. i've installed CUDA tooolkit too, but no luck. Any suggestions, please? EDIT: Unistalling CUDA toolkit resolved the issue. 16:35:55:WU01:FS01:0x22:Attempting to create CUDA context: 16:35:55:WU01:FS01:0x22: Configuring platform CUDA 16:36:07:WU01:FS01:0x22: Using CUDA and gpu 0
  3. Maybe try syncing in safe mode? Antivirus can mess with dns and stuff.
  4. Set it manually and try syncing then.
  5. thomas2000

    wifi help

    Use ethernet cable, if not connected direct to your device, then you can buy an access point and install it closer to where you use the wifi. Newer standards like ac of ax are faster, but more expensive. Still, if you want speed, the best solution is cable direct to PC.
  6. Check which header you plugged the pump into. And try maybe reseating RAM too, just in case.
  7. Is your folder structure deep? As you may know there is a filename length limit in windows and if the update changed the folder structure, it might've messed things up. You can use robocopy to move the files and access them then. You could try this anyway https://superuser.com/questions/1123876/how-do-i-copy-move-files-without-retaining-preserving-the-security-sharing-permi
  8. Change ownership of the top folder and "replace all child object permissions" Then edit security permissions. Do in safe mode if you're getting rid of McAfee
  9. If you can get into recovery media, go to cmd and do chkdsk d: /r . Change partition to wherever your system is on. otherwise, you can remove all partitions from Manjaro using Gpart or KDE partition manager and retry the windows install.
  10. DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth sfc /scannow run sfc after dism.
  11. check for warnings/errors in event viewer > windows log > system, or filter by windows update client.
  12. try f10 to boot from usb again https://www.samsung.com/us/support/troubleshooting/TSG01109651/ can also try f12 or esc https://www.disk-image.com/faq-bootmenu.htm best, look up your specific model for how to get to boot menu and go from there, possibly.
  13. The title of this article led me to think Asus will be using liquid metal as a coolant in a CLC system. That's not it, but makes me think if it would be possible / had any benefits. From what Roman said in his recent video the reaction with copper affects only a surface layer and doesn't eat into the metal. Otherwise, nickel coating the fins and the rad from the inside should be possible. It should be beneficial to have higher thermal conductivity liquid, right? https://www.digit.in/news/laptops/asus-rog-strix-scar-and-strix-g-series-gaming-laptops-55802.html
  14. they should call them new processors AF, like officially. for the enthusiast community it means more now than XT, which will lead to confusion if they do the same thing in two generations, when we get Ryzen 5700 XT. AMD is losing out on a opportunity they made for themselves accidentally. anyone who follows tech quite closely knows by now that 1600 AF means ~2600 +/- 5%, so 3600 AF would be received as near 4600. they can even pretend that it means something marketingy like Advanced Feature instead of As F%&k.
  15. Check out this cool little build. 2080ti and a Xeon cpu in a case the size of the gpu packaging.
  16. Would you know how does mining gear do compared to consumer cards?
  17. Fixed the log looks, thanks. Ima forum noob. Makes sense, thanks. The bloat on windows is real.
  18. Thank you. Just as I broke into Top 3000 of LTT Folding Team From your experience is the GPU folding working better on Linux? Windows drivers get more work put into them, I imagine, so should be more polished.
  19. Folding@home team LTT id#: 223518 Just do the same. Same details and all
  20. yup, you can do folding on BOINC Rosetta@home until they sort out the servers
  21. or better yet start BOINC until F@H settles down. Instructions are in this topic.
  22. Now we need a distributed server project. Anyone knows how to make Plan 9 running in python?
  23. Yup, definitely true. for a moment it was showing over 1M :D:D:D
  24. i've ran several projects on the CPU as well, so perhaps this is showing the combined value? I'm surprised myself, as the list online shows RX 580 is supposed to do 330k. Optimizing for Gaming is good thinking