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  1. https://www.notebookcheck.net/Xiaomi-confirms-RedmiBook-16-design-ahead-of-imminent-release-up-to-12-hours-battery-life-from-Ryzen-4000-Renoir-processors.466755.0.html We don't have what Ryzen 4000 processor this RedmiBook16 will have but 12 hours battery life is impressive to me, but I know there are some laptops out there can do 24 hours battery life with Intel cpu. This is AMD cpu laptop so it is impressive to me.
  2. https://hexus.net/tech/news/mainboard/142990-msi-confirms-amd-400-series-motherboards-support-zen-3/ Yes. 16MB bios chip MSI B450/X470 boards will have to do some sacrifice for Zen 3 support while 32MB bios chip MSI B450/X470 will not going to sacrifice anything in order to support Zen 3.
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  3. 1080 double fan and anything over the blower style cooling.
  4. Me: reading the title of this thread Don't tell me you beat your meat to the computer case.
  5. You only need 1 kidney to live. RTX 2070 Super is already expensive and let alone RTX 2080 family series.
  6. You should get a refund in this case from wrong item and open box. Contact Amazon and tell them that.
  7. What is your budget, currency, and any peripherals?
  8. Wrong. Screen tearing happens when your fps has exceeded your monitor refresh rate that your monitor unable to keep up with the future frames and sync. That is why you turn on vsync when you experience screen tearing if your monitor does not have gsync, vsync, and freesync feature. Gysnc, Vsync, and Freesync are a good alternative to vsync to have the monitor hardware sync with your game fps without any latency issue.
  9. 3950x shortage yes but not with 3900x and below. New consoles will have lower clock 3700x not Zen 3. Your 3600 and your gpu will going to last you more than 2 years. You can upgrade to Zen 3 once Zen 4 launch if you desire. I also suggest get an HDD at least 1TB for all your games and such.
  10. What is your fear to wait 3 months or more? Are you impatient? Ryzen 5 3600 to 3600xt is a waste of money for me. You might as well save $$$ to upgrade Ryzen 5 3600 to Zen 3 because your board will support Zen 3 without any issue.
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