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  1. you are right about that 850 Pro. i will try to connect to another PC. if my old ssd doesnt work i will go for 870 Evo. on BlueStacks though can you suggest any better emulator that runs decent? i play Pubg mobile on that
  2. can you guys recommend me any good SSD? also i have a question i have this WD CAVIAR BLACK as my boot drive for now but it gets too choppy and too much laggy. idk why but i dont remember hard drives this choppy. im saying this because i play on BlueStacks 4 which is emulator and the games give me like proper stutters. is there some settings in bios like ACHI or IDE or something that can make it a little like NORMAL?
  3. Hi. i have quite an old PC with i7 4770K Asus Maxims VI Hero. does my system support NVMe or not? i had a Samsung 850 Pro 256Gb and that went dead. idk why but it does not show up when connected anymore. if my PC does not support NVMe then any suggestions for SSD? what about the new 870 EVO? i dont really trust Samsung anymore but as far as i have read and heard Samsung SSDs are the most reliable. my use case on PC is pretty much gaming and i play emulator games nowadays (new addiction )
  4. Disk part>list disk>select disk 1>Clean (by mistake) lost everything... 7 years of data *poof* any help?
  5. hi. i got the windows installation part working. idk how but its working . here I'm attaching pictures of the drive. the drive that is in the laptop is hybrid. like ssd + hdd. idk which drive to choose because for every drive it shows error. may be someone here can help me out what to do?
  6. here im attaching the pictures of the board. can some one tell me where is the bios reset thingy?
  7. can you pls tell me how to reset device bios? the device i have is Samsung NP530U4B. Its 1Tb hard drive model. also how to restore secureboot. i will be grateful to yo for your help.
  8. the only way to get to bios is F4 key and it get stuck at Please wait
  9. that's my question how to boot to the usb again? its not detecting or doing anything except showing samsung screen. when i press F2 or F4 it says please wait and then nothing happens. i also took another usb and made it bootable and even thats not working on laptop.
  10. i dont need any data now. all i need is a working windows on this laptop and thats it
  11. how to do that? nothing is happening when i turn on the laptop except it says please wait and does nothing. do you mean i have to remove the hard disk from laptop and recover data from another PC?
  12. OMG Thank You soooo very much for your help... i used MiniTool ShadowMaker to recover the password. it was so simple. Thanks to all who helped me. Grumpy Old Man Can you help me with another issue im facing with laptop windows HERE? Regards