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  1. they want control over their own process but they're not going to start building fabs, they get priority and special treatment at TSMC already i don't think you realize how expensive and time consuming it would be for apple to get into the fab business and only manufacture a relatively small amount of chips
  2. you were saying? lmao, so many "experts" on this forum
  3. but RISC is more efficient than CISC, & Apple going over to ARM based for their macs means a lot of software companies are also going to write their software for arm based CPUS, Adobe Suite specially Also, comparing Apple in the PowerPC days to where they are now is, pardon the pun, and Apples to Oranges comparison
  4. Intel can adapt, AMD would have to start adapting too
  5. https://www.theverge.com/2020/6/9/21284960/apple-arm-based-macs-wwdc-2020-report-intel-laptops-desktops-power-efficiency https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-06-09/apple-plans-to-announce-move-to-its-own-mac-chips-at-wwdc Is this the beginning of the end of x86 architecture?
  6. How is HDR DOA, it's just new, youtube supports it
  7. Atmos is a very expensive gimmick, don't fall for it http://www.audioholics.com/audio-technologies/5-reasons-dolby-atmos-is-doa
  8. At least he played the game and judged it for himself & for what it is instead whining for months before the game was even shown. That I can respect. Now unless he's not a person who keeps up with video games I can understand that; but if he's a self confessed gaming enthusiast then shame on him.
  9. I feel that the setting shouldn't matter and the game should be good After years and years off people whining "omg why are they doing this OUTRAGE" and then them going and buying the game I doubt the setting would have mattered one bit. People love to be pretentious on the internet. Call of Duty is still going to sell a shit tonne (even break records) regardless of the outrage towards it. Anyone remember the whole MW2 and no dedicated servers fiasco? Also there's only so many settings you can have a game with guns and shooting and considering they have to release games every couple of years, it's kinda naive and shallow to say things like "futuristic crap" considering in 5-6 years you'll be saying "that old crap gimme future stuff".
  10. clearly not with someone dedicated to shitting on something for no reason
  11. You're obsessed over something trivial and inconsequential, something shown as a prototype behind closed doors, not something marketed for commercial use .. you're just nitpicking for the sake of nitpicking