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  1. Are you sure the case fan controller is actually connected to your PSU. It's not like it can power itself up just from connecting the lead. You still need it to be connected to the PSU.
  2. Of course. But you only get 1 key. If you use the same key for more than 1 computer it will be invalidated. Since you are buying a regular retail key, you can always get the windows 10 license transferred from one computer to another if you decide to throw away an old computer or if you change your motherboard (changing motherboards can invalidate non-retail keys. You can always get a cheaper OEM/System builder license, but be aware that like I said changing motherboards could invalidate your key, and depending on where you get the key from, the key could have been obtained illegally (meaning that Microsoft can one day decide to make your windows 10 license invalid because you bought it from a fraudulent seller)
  3. Are you REALLY sure you need a X99 motherboard and LGA 2011 CPU? For gaming those 6 core or 8 core LGA 2011 CPU make absolutely NO difference (in fact the performance is often worse because of the lower clock speed per core) Unless money is really of no concern to you, I would get an i7 6700k, and consequently a cheaper Z97 motherboard and then spend the money you saved on things that will actually improve your user experience more in a tangible way, such as a good pair of speakers/headphones or a high-res IPS monitor.
  4. Since it's the same price get the USB version. USB flash drives are much faster for installing an OS than a CD. And if it's the same price of course you could make your own Windows 10 install USB drive, but why do that if you can get it for free? Maybe it's even possible to format them later if you ever want to use it as a spare USB drive.
  5. The question is why the hell anybody would consider a canon in 2015. Canon has failed to progress like all the other companies. They rely on their name only while they keep making stuff that is subpar for this day and age. This goes for both their low end DSLRs and their high end ones. Nikon, Sony, Panasonic, Fujifilm etc.. have made tremendous strides while Canon has just been sitting on their asses for the last couple years.
  6. Basically if you want to see if your GPU is bottlenecked, compare your results to someone testing that graphics card with a beast of a CPU and compare your framerate to that test.
  7. ”LinusTechTips; No tips, just reviews." "Gone phishing." "BBBBbbbback it up!" "The road to my office is a hard drive." "Membrane keyboards are not my type." "Eating with Mega-Bites." "What does the FireFox say?"
  8. I thought you already had your kid in Switzerland last week? Wasn't the the reason you were nowhere to be seen for 10 days?
  9. No, not any smartwatch for that matter.
  10. I was confused by the title of the video haha. I thought it had something to do with Keys from NCIX using the mic.
  11. That's just the auto bidding system, they aren't actually bidding in $1 increments, but rather someone else is bidding but that person has auto bids set up to a higher price so it just one ups them automatically every time.
  12. That's what receivers or amps are for.
  13. Yes that's what I meant. The quality of the songs uploaded on YouTube. Not the selection, because you can actually found some obscure hard to find tracks on YouTube that you would never find on iTunes or Spotify.
  14. http://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-Achieva-Shimian-DVI-RGB-2560x1440-QH2700-IPSMS-LITE2-QHD-27-Monitor-AH-IPS-/371247240580