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    not sure(laptop)
  • RAM
    12 GB
  • GPU
    920m 2GB
  • Case
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    248 WD ssd
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    Logitech m325
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    win 10 64bit
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    dell 3558 i5 GT

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  1. Pic quality is not great but the cables seem to be same colored so just solder matching lines and it should work, if you arent sure just take them to an random IT shot, they will solder them for you and they should be working fine againg. GL
  2. dont even need an virtual macine probable an extended screen (windows + p) should do the trick you one of the games probably will have to be in windows mode to drag it from one screen to the other at start... should be easy enough to setup. but im less sure about the keyboard interference, prolly need some software to seperate them now also plants v zombies didnt need keyboard if memory recall also active windows might become an issue but to setup an vm for gaming is an nightmare on its own just for the drivers wise
  3. as for ur first build its a very good job, if you´d do it like that in your 10th build then it would be just ok around 6/10 in general but for first time id say its a solid 8/10
  4. more like the case is too small or you fked up while installing the mobo... nothing more to it than that...
  5. id go for seasonic of corsair, but gold plus standard minimum
  6. tried all of that what you said before and it is wall powered, i have an decent IT backgroung easy solutions what you just suggest aint gonna cut it im afraid but thanks for the input.
  7. European input to the canadian IT game :D 

  8. Hello i have an laptop running an intel i5-5200u and lately ive been facing an strange problem, which im not sure wheter its an early sign of the cpu death or some other bs error... basically what happens is that out of nowhere the cpu clock gets stuck to some superlow freq such as 0.38, or 0.78 ghz and just wont move up from there, can happen during gaming, or just watching netflix, so id eliminate overheating issue, can go days without issues but then out of the blue cpu stuck again in low freq, after restart usually is okay again. spec: i5-5200u nvidia 920m 2gb/ intel hd 5000? maybe? (yea its running dual gpu-s) 12 gb ram 248 gb ssd
  9. nextg3n

    Tv mirroring

    thats what i was afraid of... but thanks for the input
  10. nextg3n

    Tv mirroring

    i do not need it bo with zero latency since it is going to a conference room but i need it to work in a foolproof way and i could do the splitter version but than again my lenovo L470 doesnt have an hdmi output... and our company uses lenovos... an laptops have either docking stations or atbest some moronic output... i have vga... ive mini hdmi-s or etc....
  11. nextg3n

    Tv mirroring

    id say its rather innovative idea but guess tech hasnt caught up yet okay il see what our partner can offer up as an idea to this.
  12. nextg3n

    Tv mirroring

    so what youre basically saying is that im screwed if i want it to work wireles...
  13. nextg3n

    Tv mirroring

    im aware of the splitter solutions also but not a fan, what im looking for i believe is tv-s that can connect wirelessly to each other and act both as the master or the slave(and id connect pc wirelessly to tv and it send the signal to the second tv... or etc... since im only limited only by our providers id hope someone like samsung or lg has been able to create sth like this) and it would be perfect that it would work without having the need to set everything up everytime again... or do we have like some splitters that you can connect to wirelessly and then send the signal to tv-s? im just spitballing here so its my best guess
  14. nextg3n

    Tv mirroring

    can i connect single pc to 2 devices wirelessly? not sure about that, and i forgot to mention that id love to keep cables out of this project... as much as i can.
  15. nextg3n

    Tv mirroring

    Hello i have recieved a task to setup 2 tv-s to a single big room which on its own is not a big problem... easy to do... but the trick begins at when i have to mirror them, meaning connect a single device to the tv and the other tv has to also show the picture, and from an endpoint users point of view it has to be as easy as it can get... so here i am just listening to the ground to dig up some additional info of whcih im not avare of....