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  1. yeah this will be fine for me
  2. thing is they arent that cheap here in india, a 1660 card will cost over 20k rupees(300usd)
  3. can i go with a quad core a10 5800B ?
  4. i did this a while ago but it shows less than 20% bottleneck of gpu with ryzen 3200u apu which is basically a downgrade from my cpu so i highly doubt it
  5. i have the integrated radeon something with 700 mb memory
  6. alright i will surely need to upgrade the processor ig
  7. i need to know for sure so that i can either go for a cpu upgrade or a gpu upgrade. For budget reason i cant go for both
  8. PLEASE HELP URGENTLY I have a amd a6-5400b 3.6-3.8 Ghz 2 core 2 thread 65 Watt Socket FM2 processor 16 gb dual channel ddr3 ram and i plan on getting a gtx 1050 ti gpu but im worried that cpu will bottleneck the gpu, will it? i can upgrade ram till 32 gb if its less than approx 25% its probably okay. PLZ ANSWER